Colin Fassnidge to front next MKR project?

Second series due later this year is expected to have a big format variation.

Seven’s plans for another season of My Kitchen Rules due later this year may be starting to take shape with a report today suggesting they hope to make Colin Fassnidge “the Gordon Ramsay of Australian television.”

The Australian reports the format will vary so as not to over-saturate the brand, with a cross between its predecessor My Restaurant Rules and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

“Fassnidge, in his guise as a Ramsay-style mentor, will be used to give tough love to aspiring chefs on the show, visiting struggling restaurants to help them reach their potential, as part of a competition with other kitchens,” it reports, including “plenty of bleeping.”

Fassnidge recently sledged 10 online after I’m A Celebrity‘s big launch, warning MKR would trounce it in the ratings.

So far Seven has been coy about its plans, aside from confirming it will be a shorter run.

There is speculation Seven considered  a “Celebrity MKR”, involving stars cooking competitively in their own homes, and an “MKR All-Stars” with former heroes and villains.

But what is clear is that Seven has a casting call for an unnamed Restaurant Show with “teams of two who will represent restaurants from all cuisines and backgrounds across Australia.”

“Are you Australia’s best local restaurant? Or do you know Australia’s best local restaurant?” a casting notice asks.

It is inviting restaurants to put themselves forward for consideration, and customers also get the opportunity to nominate their favourite local restaurant.

Seven sources tell TV Tonight the unnamed show is not a commission for its new 7food channel, fuelling speculation is linked to the next MKR project.

And probably Colin Fassnidge.

Source: The Australian

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  1. Why link something with such a large format variation to the MKR brand at all.
    Personally, don’t like MKR but the format describes sounds, on paper, like something I would give a shot to.
    Perhaps best to keep the two distinctly different and not dwindle the brand further.

  2. It’ll neeecti be significantly different. The last thing a show in its 10th season, pulling dwindling ratings needs is an extra season thrown into the same year.
    Nine and Ten learnt that the hard way with The Block and Masterchef

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