Four Corners: Mar 4

ABC has confirmed an “unmissable” episode of Four Corners, following news events today.

On Monday, Four Corners reveals how Australia’s highest ranking Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, was brought to justice.

“He was a man that was so high up in the hierarchy that you, he believed, he was untouchable.”

Those central to the case are speaking out for the first time to reporter Louise Milligan.

8:30pm Monday on ABC.


  1. Louise Milligan wrote an excellent book called Cardinal, which I just finished this week, to be confronted with the guilty result was extraordinary. I think her report will be worth watching.

    • I’m afraid the likes of Pell and others within the church have resulted in fewer people believing that to be a legitimate thing. Any organisation that tolerates and seeks to cover up abuse should be quashed.

      • My father disowned the Catholic Church in his youth before coming to Australia. As he told me, even back then there were enough stories of priestly activities to disgust him.

        • The priests are not God or Jesus, so that doesn’t stop me from being a Catholic. As a kid being confirmed I always felt that then Arch Bishop Pell was a scary and unapproachable figure. Its all very interesting and when you think about the centuries of history there would have been priests in the past that got away with it, as back then people would have been ashamed to say anything.

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