Friday Flashback: Moving Wallpaper / Echo Beach

In 2008 there was Echo Beach from the UK. And then there was Moving Wallpaper, a drama about the making of Echo Beach.

Before there was UnREAL there was Moving Wallpaper, Britain’s satire about the making of a soap.

It starred Ben Miller and ran for two seasons on ITV in 2008.

The fictional soap they were writing was called Echo Beach and in a very creative twist, ITV also aired a stand-alone Echo Beach drama. That starred Jason Donovan & Martine McCutcheon, but lasted just 12 episodes.

Both aired back to back, and briefly in Australia on ABC2.

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  1. I did love Moving Wallpaper and it was fun to watch Echo Beach immediately afterwards just to see the subtle references to the stuff we’d just seen “behind the scenes”. Very clever, although I vaguely recall Grosse Point from the US did similar a few years earlier.

  2. ‘Echo Beach’ was just a pretty silly soap of no great merit-hard to see why a full series of it was made, other than the sets, locations and cast were there because of the very funny primary show ‘Moving Wallpaper’ using it as a background-most British shows have short run seasons except for their soaps, so there was never a real prospect of ‘EB’ having a separate life.

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