Gogglebox snub for Angie & Yvie

Exclusive: Turning former Gogglebox duo into Reality TV celebrities causes network friction.

EXCLUSIVE: Foxtel execs are unhappy with former Gogglebox cast members Yvie Jones & Angie Kent appearing in 10’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and have ruled them out of being featured in Gogglebox episodes.

“You will not see a review of them on Gogglebox,” Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh told TV Tonight.

“From a promotional point of view the issue that upsets Foxtel is the exploitation of the Gogglebox brand to market and sell another program.”

Foxtel commissioned Gogglebox from Endemol Shine Australia and enjoys a rare and successful model of being broadcast by 10 too.

But it has kept a tight rein on cast members being seen as “celebrities” in order to maintain the authenticity of couch viewers, regularly declining appearance and red carpet opportunities. Reality TV reviews are a big part of Gogglebox episodes, but now lines are arguably blurred….

Yvie & Angie, along with Tom & Wayne, resigned from the show late last year but 10 cast the girls in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. It’s understood to have caused some friction behind the scenes.

“There’s not much you can do about it, because they made the decision to leave Gogglebox and they are quite entitled to pursue a career in television. So that’s their choice,” Walsh acknowledges.

“But I was incredibly disappointed that they were critical of Foxtel and the appearance fee money we paid them to do Gogglebox. I thought that was unfair, unnecessary and unwarranted.”

A 10 spokesperson told TV Tonight, “Gogglebox is a fantastic series that continues to resonate with viewers across Australia. When Angie and Yvie made the difficult decision to leave Gogglebox, it provided us with the unique opportunity to cast them in I’m A Celeb. Here viewers could discover more about the pair than they had seen before.

“They are extremely popular, smart and entertaining women so we feel extremely lucky to have them on the show.”

Gogglebox returns to LifeStyle at 7:30pm tonight and 9pm tomorrow on 10.

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  1. Note to Brian Walsh and the rest of the Foxtel execs…. Grow up ! You are acting like childish spoilt school kids. You are a bit hypocritical too. You want me to pay you guys to watch Cricket and the V8’s which should be free and you carry on like this. Shame Shame Shame! IACGMOOH is a show on TV and by you not showing it, you are damaging your brand more than the girls leaving did.
    If the girls/show are not featured next week, I won’t be watching anymore!

  2. Loved the first episode back but severely disappointed there was no I’m A Celebrity segment (particularly since it’s been a staple on Gogglebox for the past couple of years). Am really hoping Foxtel and Gogglebox producers see the backlash this decision is creating and change their decision over the next week (am also hoping the weather starts to cool down and my OzLotto ticket’s a winner!)

      1. Also Fox was quite happy for Dermott Brereton and Barry Hall previously to appear on Celeb. And unlike these girls Ten don’t even share custody (for want of a better term) with them.

  3. I’ve been secretly hoping to see Adam and Symon parading around camp in their fancy socks in the next season of Australian Survivor. I guess that won’t be happening if Brian Walsh has anything to do with it.

  4. “Foxtel execs are unhappy with former Gogglebox cast members Yvie Jones & Angie Kent appearing in 10’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and have ruled them out of being featured in Gogglebox episodes.”
    This is old news. They announced on Instagram on 7 December 2018 they would not be continuing on Gogglebox.


  5. Yeah pity they won’t feature but with nearly 10 hours of IACGMOOH they can still feature the show.
    The first episode of Gogglebox is going to be mostly MKR, Married, possibly Celebrity and Hughesey problems show with a couple of lifestyle shows from Foxtel.
    Nonetheless Gogglebox is always a welcome return in this household.

  6. Maybe if Foxtel want their Gogglebox couch reviewers to not seek other work in the media then they need to pay them more and make it lucrative for them to stay. Fair enough lock them into a contract and pay them a pittance when they are nobody’s on the first series. But let’s be honest, they are now recognisable faces and household names and we tune in to see them. They should be paid accordingly.

    1. Six of one, half a dozen of the other… The premise of the show is to show everyday Australians watching TV and for that they get paid appearance money. My bet is the majority of people on there have a day job and this is pocket money for them. If you however see this as a stepping stone to stardom then you should expect to be cut when you take the next step. The moment you take that step you fall outside of the original scope of the program.

    2. The Foxtel behemoth got their moneys worth out of these girls. They are now out of contract and entitled to do business wherever they want. I’m glad this is giving PR to their appearance on a new show.

  7. Very disappointing to hear that the girls won’t be reconsidered for Gogglebox in the future. Angie and Yvie were undoubtedly the funniest and most bankable personalities to emerge from the show. Seems like a future career in TV / Radio is beckoning. Foxtel’s loss.

  8. If someone plays a trump card on your hand , you counter with another higher trump to take it back.
    The followers of A&Y (nice girls) are easy pickings to get ratings back to gogglebox.

    This is just a sulking revenge attitude.

  9. Wow. Personally I was so looking forward to seeing the goggleboxers watching the girls, i’m sure they were too! Instead what will we see, the googleboxers reaction to watching cricket.. who cares…?
    Foxtel cutting off their nose to spite their face…
    Good luck Angie & Yvie! I hope you both win the celebrity jungle show!

  10. That’s basically what happened in the UK when Scarlett Moffatt was on IACGMOOH. Her family was part of Gogglebox but when she appeared on IAC she was not featured – the only time she did appear on Gogglebox was when she won on IAC in the UK.

  11. So were they exploiting the gogglebox brand or were being exploited by foxtel? this show must be a huge money spinner for foxtel and 10. Were they being paid enough?. Good luck to the girls.

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