How are new shows performing in the US so far?

Manifest is the best new season performer in scripted titles at over 13 million viewers.

Manifest is the best new season performer in scripted titles in the US averaging over 13 million viewers.

Reality series The Masked Singer outranks it, but NBC is tops in new dramas with New Amsterdam.

This table notes their season average based on episodes screened on network TV so far.

Show Network Episodes 18-49 rating Viewers in millions
Manifest NBC 11 3.0 13.45
New Amsterdam NBC 11 2.5 11.81
The Conners ABC 10 2.3 9.95
The Passage FOX 1 2.2 8.7
A Million Little Things ABC 11 1.9 7.32
FBI CBS 11 1.7 12.86
Schooled ABC 2 1.7 5.91
The Rookie ABC 10 1.6 8.43
The Neighborhood CBS 12 1.6 7.97
Single Parents ABC 12 1.5 5.17
Fam CBS 2 1.5 8.29
The Cool Kids FOX 11 1.4 6.35
Murphy Brown CBS 12 1.3 8.47
Magnum P.I. CBS 11 1.3 8.49
The Kids Are Alright ABC 10 1.3 5.9
God Friended Me CBS 13 1.3 9.96
Happy Together CBS 13 1.0 5.26
I Fell Bad NBC 9 0.8 2.85
Rel FOX 11 0.8 2.13
Charmed CW 10 0.7 1.98
Legacies CW 7 0.6 1.78
Roswell, New Mexico CW 1 0.6 2.43
All American CW 9 0.4 1.09

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. They look like premiere numbers. Last Monday Manifest had a 0.9 rating and a 4% share (18-49). US advertisers pay on live + 3 day timeshifted numbers. As there isn’t much difference in the +3 for dramas, the 18-49 overnight ratings are a good guide of how a show is going. Though syndication potential and streaming rights are becoming more important (and for the CW their main goal). Current average ratings for each network are available on the TV By The Numbers cite in the Renew/Cancel section.

  2. So the top 2 shows are ones that 9 got, but they don’t rate that well here. At least 9 doesn’t get duds any more like in recent years. For a while there every show they got was axed after one season. Forever, Stalker, Alcatraz, Chicago Justice. I’m sure there’s more that I can’t remember off the top of my head. And when are they going to air seasons 2 & 3 of Lethal Weapon & still waiting for season 3 of The Following.

    1. It is interesting. Is it because a lot of people have watched beforehand on other platforms, or is it because of a disconnect between what Australians and Americans like? I wonder this, because I couldn’t get into This Is Us because it was too intensely dramatic without the background humour that most Aussie dramas have eg 800 Words. I just find most American dramas too unrealistic both in storylines and the interaction between characters.

  3. The Conners and Murphy Brown surprise me. Americans sure have a dry sense of humour.
    To have live audiences having to be overdubbed with canned laughter is sad.
    At least with todays technology , you would think they could make the canned laughter more realistic and appropriate.

    1. A share is percentage of all households with televisions watching at the time, so 3% of all TV Viewers were watching Manifest at the time, while 97% were watching other shows.

      Here read through this: fool.com/knowledge-center/difference-between-ratings-shares.aspx

      1. In the US Nielsen system, a share is a % of people watching TV who are watching TV. A rating point is a percentage of the total number of people with a TV in their house who are watching a show.

        1. Yeah I could have worded it better as in from the link I put:

          “A broadcast’s share tells us how many people watched the show, but with an important difference from a rating: Share is expressed as a percentage of the audience that was actually watching TV at the time.

          Sticking with our weekend football example, if there were 60 million households watching television on that particular Sunday night, then the show’s 20 million viewers qualified it for a share of 33%. That means the show reached one-third of all TV watchers during its broadcast – even if that audience represented just 20% of all homes in the U.S.”

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