1. ‘The Kimberley Cruise’ for me was the best of the lot although I enjoyed the others as well. SBS with its eclectic mix of shows deserves better ratings; far superior to the ABC although Aunty does still have some goodies such as Four Corners, Media watch and Landline etc.

  2. I thought when you mentioned trains, it was going to include more Slow TV offerings. The Indian Pacific & North To South: NZ’s Wildest Journey were brilliant shows. I would suggest producing more Slow TV for suburban commuter railways & regional inter-city railways. I like the Michael Portilo shows, however, his shows don’t seem to be predominantly train-centric, like the Slow TV offerings. I’m interested in seeing Luke Nguyen’s Luke on a Train. It sounds like a great concept. Train shows are high rating for SBS so they should invest more into bringing us more train programming.

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