Renewed: The Simpsons

Homer & co. have been renewed for a 31st and 32nd season.

The Simpsons has been renewed for a 31st and 32nd season.

The show is already the longest-running primetime scripted show in US history, having surpassed Gunsmoke during its 29th season. At the conclusion of Season 32, it will have produced 713 episodes.

Currently airing its 30th season, it has a multi-platform average audience of 7.5 million viewers per episode for FOX.

The series returns to 7mate next Wednesday at 8pm before resuming in its regular 9pm slot a week later.

Source: Variety

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  1. Sure the laughs are less but I’ll be happy knowing I’ve got a few more years of new episodes, because the other alternative is no more new episodes and just repeats. I’ll take option A.
    Also its nice to see peoples fondness for the (or any)show even if they don’t watch it anymore. They haven’t come on to just bash the show with negative comments. That’s why I enjoy your site and reader interactions David.

  2. Great news. Still enjoy watching The Simpsons. Please 7 put it on catch up.

    The same people who grew up with the Simpsons grew up with questionably legal methods of watching it. Putting it up on 7plus negates that need.

    I don’t have an aerial plugged in anymore and many others don’t.

  3. Honestly I think it will keep going until Matt Groening and Co., decide it’s time to pull up stumps, Fox/Disney just wouldn’t take the chance of cancelling and someone else picking it up.

    1. I have long thought that the show will continue until one of the principal actors passes away. In theory, they could continue by retiring their characters or, if they are part of the immediate Simpson family, to simply exclude them from thereon unless they’re at the table during dinner and such (where they are “present”, but have no lines), but I can’t see that working in the long term.

      They are bonkers if the dialogue for the series finale hasn’t yet been recorded. They have had 30 years to prepare for it.

      1. Its been possible for some years now to synthesize a voice if there are reasonably comprehensive recordings of it available, which of course applies to all the regulars-the same is now pretty much true of live images of an actor-death isn’t what it used to be…

        1. Or they could always take the Warners route and hire impersonators as well, sure there was a period after Mel Blanc passed away they cartoons stopped but then started again. Scooby Doo has continued on with different people doing the voices like after Casey Kasem passed and Shaggy became someone else. Granted Scooby Doo only does a special or two a year, however in some ways that wouldn’t be so bad for The Simpsons, maybe a longer Halloween Tree Of Horrors one (an hour say) and a couple of others in the year rather than full seasons (4-6 would be fine).

    1. Great news on the Simpsons being renewed. I’m not sure if new episodes of Futurama will be produced, but if you are interested, Futurama airs Wednesday nights on 7mate alongside The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad.

  4. and add – there are must better animated cartoons….
    South Park especially is still on fire… and family guy mostly has great episodes.

    Rick and Morty – now thats where its at.

    adult I know – but those who grew up with the simpsons are now adults

    1. Got to disagree with South Park. I stopped watching it after a few years but did try to start again with season 20 and it isn’t even the same show anymore. It was so bad I couldn’t make it past 2 seasons and stopped watching again.

      1. Max – I was like you, but I started rewatching South Park at season 19 which is amazing. Unfortunately subsequent seasons haven’t been as good as 19. Give it a go. I was in tears during several episodes.

        tihsamikah – if you haven’t discovered it yet, give Venture Bros. a go.

      2. Personally i thought s20 was one of the best in years, 19 very good too, 21 & 22, very hit & miss. I also feel the same way about Family Guy & the Simpsons, for every great episode there are about 3 fairly crap ones. I would probably rather watch a classic Simpsons s1 – 8 episode than a newer one anyday.

  5. Good on matt groening and the cast I guess…
    Can’t stomach anything past season 20 –
    a few good eps here and there…
    But the its just dribble and rehash…

    like, the episode recently where lisa switched places with a wealth cousin, I think it was….
    except – Bart already did that….

    should have gone out on a high….

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