Returning: Instant Hotel

Seven series now hosted by Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen with Juliet Ashworth returns next Monday.

Season 2 of Instant Hotel, now hosted by Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen with Juliet Ashworth returns next Monday following My Kitchen Rules.

Seven has confirmed 4 teams from Victoria, South Australia & Queensland.

With a work schedule that has him frequently traversing the globe, LLB has developed a sharp eye for what makes or breaks a hotel room.

“I live in hotels rather than at home these days, so I have an enormous amount of experience and believe it or not, a few opinions!” says the London born style expert who has also designed hotel interiors in London and Thailand.

LLB will travel to some of Australia’s most amazing locations in search of Australia’s best Instant Hotel – from lush tropical rainforests, to romantic wine country, pristine coastal havens and the majestic Outback with fellow judge and award-winning designer Juliet Ashworth.

Looking forward to exploring more of Australia, LLB says he finds the Instant Hotel concept “fascinating” and a refreshing alternative to the traditional hotel experience.

“Instant Hotel gives you the opportunity to look at where people live and judge for yourself whether it’s an experience you want to share in.

“You could go to an international hotel chain and get the same ‘beige’. And it’s a very relaxing and wonderful experience, but the joy of an Instant Hotel is to feel you are inhabiting someone else’s life for a couple of days.
“You are escaping who you are and what you do and immersing yourself into the experience of how somebody else lives,” explains LLB. “From a design point of view, it’s great fun to be able to see how people’s personalities are expressed in an Instant Hotel offer.”

When you check into Instant Hotel, get set to journey across Australia on a holiday like no other because there’s no hotels or motels – only Aussies turning their homes into Instant Hotels.

Tapping into the massive worldwide trend of holiday home rentals, Instant Hotel sees four teams of two competing for the title of best Instant Hotel.

Teams score each other on; the house, location and local attractions, value for money and the all-important quality of the night’s sleep. Each hotel will be scored out of 10 by the teams and the judges. The winner walks away
with $100,000 in prize money.

They’ll explore some of the most diverse and beautiful locations in Australia and get to know their quirky competitors a little better along the way. And, as contestants soon find out, like most travel adventures, what might seem like a dream online is not always what you’ll find upon arrival.

9pm Monday February 11 on Seven.

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  1. I’m sure our doubled barrelled named friend lawrence knows the format well – this is a copy of the UK show 4 In A Bed which started maybe ten plus years ago in Britain …it’s hardly a Seven format…it’s just been given new currency by Airbnb I reckon.

  2. I thought I would hate this show, being made by the MKR people. But I started watching season one on Netflix last week, and about to finish it tonight. It’s been pretty good, although the round two contents are very bitchy and playing a game rather than being honest.

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