Returning: Manifest

Nine will screen a new episode tonight, if you haven't caught it on 9Now.

US drama Manifest returns to Nine with new broadcast episodes tonight.

9Now has actually been adding new episodes for fans over the summer break.

So while S1 E10 “Crosswinds” is a TV premiere tonight, 9Now already offers up to E13 “Cleared for Approach.” This is a good strategy for fans as opposed to keeping them waiting and if it’s successful maybe we will see a bit more of it employed by programmers.

Ben struggles to trust a journalist who wants him to participate in a Flight 828 podcast; Michaela’s callings rise to a new level when they are accompanied by hallucinations; things get complicated when Olive invites Danny over for dinner.

10pm tonight on Nine.

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  1. This is a very clever show that just keeps improving as the weeks pass. My only concern is that they won’t be able to wrap it up by the end up Episode 16 and it won’t be renewed! As well as loving the show, I’m also loving the fastracking on NinePlay (so if anyone from Nine is reading, thank you!!). If you like sci-fi mystery shows (e.g. “Lost”) and you’ve been sitting this one out, do yourself a favour and watch this one!

      1. That’s a real shame, because even though Episode 1 reeled me in (“terrible” is a very strong word, David…!), as I said earlier, it just keeps getting better and better. My brother, sister-in-law and I are all loving it and we have very different tastes in TV. To each their own 🙂

    1. You’re absolutely right Carta, it’s become a very good show and I too am really loving it.

      I can totally understand why it’s “the best new season performer in scripted titles in the US” at the moment.

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