Seven stars filming Mates on a Mission

Four personalities from The Real Full Monty are filming a new travel series for Seven, Mates on a Mission.

The series features Shane Jacobson, Todd McKenney, Kris Smith and Brian “B.T” Taylor on the road with insane challenges to raise awareness for charity causes including mental health, heart disease and bowel cancer.

An airdate is yet to be announced.

From the hilarious fish-out-of-water arrival in a foreign land, through to the nerve wracking moments before the epic final challenge, it’s must-see event television overflowing with warmth, heart and lots of laughs.

This fearless and funny troupe are no strangers to each other or to getting out of their comfort zone having starred in last year’s blockbuster and the number one new show of 2018, The Real Full Monty.


  1. This sounds like a rip off of “Better Late Than Never” which aired on Nine, starring Henry Winkler, William Shatner, George Foreman and some other old guy.

  2. Found them !
    Here they are . The ‘ Bad Dads ‘.
    Now we are talking. Go on boys be bad.
    I want to laugh. With you , not at you.
    Unlike the mums, you have my utmost attention.

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