Sunday Night Takeaway: “We can listen to the feedback and tweak the show”

While 10 is disappointed in the numbers it remains upbeat about the content of Sunday Night Takeaway and feedback.

10 has expressed disappointment with the numbers for Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway but is upbeat about the content and looking to tweak it across coming weeks.

Against mega-numbers of Nine’s MAFS hit, last night it debuted to just 383,000 viewers. In the current climate nothing else is attracting oxygen against Nine’s show with even the decade-long My Kitchen Rules doubled by Nine.

10’s chief content officer Beverley McGarvey said, “Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway was a big swing for 10 last night and while we’re disappointed it didn’t have a bigger impact, we’re happy to have offered fresh, family-friendly entertainment as an alternative on a Sunday evening. Chris and Julia pulled off a mammoth task and we’re so proud with how seamlessly they pulled the show together, mere moments after arriving back from Africa.

“The great thing about a live show is that we can listen to the feedback and tweak the show making it snappier as it builds over the coming weeks.”

As a Live show some elements of the show could not be promoted ahead of time.

“We can now promote all of last night’s popular segments retrospectively and show a broader audience that next week you too could Win the Ads or become part of the Happiest Minute on television!” she added.

Since the start of official ratings 10 is struggling to make impact, despite good feedback for Dancing with the Stars, but it notably contributed to MKR hitting an all-time low. Foxtel-produced Gogglebox is now its most consistent performer.

10’s schedule has boldly attempted a suite of shows against stripped reality, a strategy Nine perilously attempted in 2016 with Australia’s Got Talent and Farmer Wants a Wife in 2016.

Its next stripped offering is expected to be Bachelor in Paradise around April.

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  1. I love Sunday Night Takeaway and am definitely tuning into it! I’d love them to make it more fun and entertaining and help Dr Chris and Julia to be comfortable and present the show with their own antics and fun like on I’m A Celebrity, give them the ability to be more creative!

    Also, David, could you tag this article to ‘Sunday Night Takeaway’, as you haven’t been tagging anything to it recently.

  2. Make it tighter, make it shorter, have Chris do some hosting and Julia do some hosting, not the both for everything, more live music, and maybe some comedy short skits. I dont know what to put up against married at first Sight, I do not watch it myself as I do not like the idea and as I do not watch much Seven very little Nine, some Ten and the rest split between SBS and ABC. But good on TEN trying something different, now if they could get all of the original Neighbours on Ten All Access, instead of just the last episodes. Talking about Ten All Access how about Rush with Rodger Corser, and some of their other older drama series.

  3. Sunday Night Takeaway: “We can listen to the feedback and tweak the show”. Here’s an idea, as many people have said, change the 2 hosts (not with Denyer or Keller or any other rotating comedians) and then I might give it a go. I have said before, if you get low ratings for a show is hosted by certain people who many can’t stand then why would you put them in charge of a new show. TEN, you only have yourselves to blame. Listen and take action…..I bet you won’t.

  4. I enjoyed it but like a lot of the comments needs to be no longer the 90mins and to be a bit snappier but that will come after a couple of shows. Hopefully they will rotate the segments so it isn’t “exactly” the same every week. Maybe they could sometimes borrow one of the games from Game of Games and I think having a musical guest perform a song perhaps at the 30min mark and then at the end of the show to finish with a bang.

  5. I really enjoyed it. I was discussing this with a friend the other day. She was wondering why they put shows up against the 7 & 9 shows. I pointed out that not everyone wants to watch those shows & people want an alternative. They have to put something up against them, they can’t just have nothing on in that timeslot. And who knows what the next big hit will be? Were they big hits when they first aired? Good on 10 for taking a risk & lets hope they give it time to gain momentum.

  6. 7.30 feels too late for a show like this in Australia – would surely be better an hour earlier to get the jump on the reality TV jugganauts and really aim for that family audience.

    As others said it seems it was way too long too – they seemed to throw in every segment when in the UK they rotate them throughout the weeks.

  7. Felt more like a test to see how much of the audience CBS/10 could trap and retain. I had no intention of watching, but found myself following for the last hour. Hated the fact it went overtime, and the constant reference to it being ‘live’. Guys, it ain’t live for us in WA so stop saying it!

  8. I really enjoyed this, yes there were some parts that could have done without but overall solid effort, Chris and Julia are awesome hosts and to then watch Hughesy straight after was great.
    I think the end when they did the trails was so great, you could tell that Julia was especially scared with the spider. Loved the hidden camera bit too.
    Hope it continues and everyone gives it a chance. As people have stated we need more variety and ten delivered last night, so please continue with it.

  9. I watched the first 30 minutes and decided to go out and walk the dog. Came back an hour later at 9pm and thought it would be over ….and it went on and on and one for about 30 more minutes.

    I can see what CBS is trying to do. Give viewers some light hearted family entertainment on Sunday nights. But the really bad MAFS has a stranglehold on the ratings right now.

    If MKR can’t keep up with MAFS, there’s zero chance CJSNT can make a dent.

    And re the tweaking – please please tighten the show to brisk and breezy 1 hour! Young viewers are in bed by 8.30pm and can’t stay up until 9.30pm to watch this show.

  10. I’m not sure how many failures the network needs to see before someone admits the obvious – the brand is dead and beyond saving, I know they can’t just run a test pattern but some of the decisions are just crazy! Changing Rooms was never going to work, neither was Pointless, sure the Project does a Steven Bradbury most nights and is their best performer but even the figures there don’t cut the mustard.

    1. Last night on Hughesy We’ve Got A Problem, when the guest Natalie Bassingthwaighte was leaving Hughesy thanked her and said we’ll see you soon on The Living Room before correcting himself to Changing Rooms … surprised they didn’t do a retake on it.

      1. CBS had a great opportunity to rebrand 10 and do a re-org when they purchased. They still can if they are listening??? Aussies fall for the American stuff. OK, so some pay tv and other show re-runs etc were on contract to Fox et al, but think about it – they should have made 1 the primary (and HD) channel. 1 on the remote. One digit – like 7, or 9. Maybe call it CBS1 or just CBS. CBS10 and CBS 11 could have been the extras instead of the names they chose. 10 Peach? CBS Pussy would have been better.

  11. The whole thing needs tightening up and faster pacing. Admittedly I switched off after 30 mins but it felt like next to nothing had happened in all that time aside from an incredibly lengthy set up about the boyfriend doing a bunch of things without the girlfriend knowing. It just went on way too long. Keep the show to 60-75 mins, fast paced and done by 8:45 at the latest. It’s worth giving this show some time to find its feet.

  12. I enjoyed this show. It kind of reminded me of Hey Hey it’s Saturday. I hope they stick with it. Give it time to build a following. I like Chris and Julia but yeah – getting a bit tired of seeing so much of them at the moment.

  13. I watched I’m A Celebrity in spite of the hosts and in spite of a lack of actual celebrities. These 2 are just not funny, they are embarrassing and painful to watch.
    Here’s an idea TEN, try something original! Something not imported from overseas. There is a total lack of ideas in Oz TV.

    1. Ok so what do you propose? Because I don’t see you offering anything original, just complaining there’s nothing original @gisborne
      Hughesy we have a problem is pretty original, as was The Project, Show Me the Movie (good variation on a theme at least), MasterChef was original in terms of structure rather than concept, and Have you Been Paying Attention was completely original.

        1. Wasn’t meant to be personal, tagged the author of the comment because I usually browse TVT on my mobile. Sometimes the comments don’t work out (main reason why I don’t comment as much anymore David!)
          My points were raised by others; I think your readers me included, just have a big soft spot for 10!

  14. Time to listen to the viewers who love channel 10 . Next year start the year with bringing back big brother ( petty sure it would have similar buget to celebrity ) This time have the two separate secret houses srtipped daily at 7 pm.
    Bring back local drama 6pm Heartbreak High weesdays for the young crowd.
    Let’s make an Australian version of Melrose place for Tuesday nights because we all know life is not the same without Tuesday nights being a bitch
    Rove can have weekly late night talk show
    Problems solved.. right .. Right ?? …right !!!
    Happy Monday Yo

    1. Not sure it would on Saturday any more, yes Hey Hey and Young Talent Time did (later Almost Anything Goes/It’s A Knock Out), however that was in the days when AFL and NRL weren’t showing live games and you’d only get a highlights plus Match Of The Round. Now with those live it is a very different market now, before people may have listened to their teams game on the radio and already known the scores so skipped the Match Of The Round recorded game.

      1. true but there are many people who want an alternative to sport, wether thats enough people to rate well i’m not sure. I am pretty sure though SNT would’ve done better in winter time when people settle in to watch tv earlier on a weekend.

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