WIN TV in breach over violent news story

A news item with a post-football match brawl was ruled as too violent, even with its pixellation.

WIN Television has breached the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice for screening a TEN Eyewitness News item that was deemed too violent by the media watchdog, The Australian Communications and Media Authority.

The report broadcast on 8 September 2018 showed a victim repeatedly punched in the face following an AFL final. It was deemed excessive and disproportionate to any public interest reasons supplied.

Despite some post-production blurring of the footage, not enough care was taken in selecting the material for broadcast.

ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin said, “Broadcasters can report matters of public interest, including topics such as violent attacks. However they must exercise care in selecting material that will not seriously distress or offend a substantial number of viewers.”

ACMA has requested that both Network 10 and WIN Television incorporate the investigation into its compliance training for all relevant news and other staff to ensure future compliance.

“The ACMA will continue to track complaints about the depiction of violence during news and other unclassified programs on commercial television,” said Ms O’Loughlin.

The footage was also screened by other broadcasters.

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  1. What about over the weekend in St. Kilda where the police officer had his head repeatedly slammed into the ground 6 times, I though this was a bit much for TV news. All channels are still showing the footage days after due to the court appearances of the accused.

    1. Not technically, as WIN was the licensee from the original complaint. But we can see 10 noted in the action. I added that other broadcasters screened the same footage. It’s a shame not all of them are expected to observe the outcome. System is not perfect, so it will happen again.

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