Australian Crime Stories: Mar 31

On Sunday Australian Crime Stories tells the life story of one of the central figures in the notorious Painters and Dockers war that claimed more than 40 victims in Melbourne in the 1960s and 70s.

Investigative reporter Adam Shand divulges what motivated the union heavyweight and ruthless gunman Billy Longley.

Longley was nicknamed “The Texan” after a TV western about a man called Longley with a similar love for Colt .45 pistols. Longley became a painter and docker and one of the best shots in the Melbourne underworld – a skill that saved his life and ended several others during the Melbourne waterfront war, which was motivated by the fight for control of the Painters and Dockers Union.

With exclusive access to what is believed to be Longley’s final interview, host Adam Shand uncovers the fascinating story of a man who knew where many bodies were buried, put a few there himself, and was the catalyst for a royal commission.

Australian Crime Stories is produced by The Full Box for the Nine Network.

9:30pm Sunday on Nine.

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