Airdate: ACS: The Investigators

Nine true crime series hears firsthand accounts from investigators who solvied the toughest crimes of their careers.

True-crime series, Australian Crime Stories returns in a brand-new format, ACS: The Investigators.

Over six weeks, each episode will highlight the hard work investigators make in solving the toughest crimes of their careers, with insights to all the twists and turns of these major investigations, from the moment the crime occurred to the final confession or conviction.

Produced by The Full Box, it will also hear from the families involved, plus journalists and authors who have closely followed these cases.

Dedicated to all police officers who protect and serve our community, ACS: The Investigators will share the greatest stories of determined and exceptional police work: the murder that seemed unsolvable; the crime king who seemed untouchable; and the psycho who seemed unstoppable.

In the series premiere, The Jane Doe Mystery takes you behind the brilliant Australian police investigation, led by Michael Plotecki, that saw detectives and support staff trying to identify the body of a young woman murdered and left abandoned on a suburban street, and the work that rewrote the forensic record.

9:05pm Monday November 20 on Nine.

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