Dancing with the Stars: Mar 25

This Monday Dancing With The Stars will take a slightly different turn, with an ‘immunity’ on offer for one couple.

In round one, our stars will dance a style that they have not yet attempted in the competition to songs by Robbie Williams, Shawn Mendes and Justin Timberlake. The highest ranking couple (based purely on the judges’ scores) will be awarded immunity and live to fight another week on the dance floor.

From here, the rest of the couples will participate in the immunity dance off for an extra three points. For each dance off the couple with the next highest score picks the opponent whom they want to dance against. The chosen opponent picks the dance style, either Jive, Samba and Cha Cha.

The stars will go sequin to sequin, high kick to high kick and lift to lift. Fingers crossed nobody gets a stiletto in the face!

The winner of each dance off, as deemed by the judges, earns an additional three points going to their individual dance score from the previous round.

For those playing at home, this means that couples need to learn four (yes, that’s right four) routines. In case this competition wasn’t difficult enough…

Don’t forget to vote to keep your favourite celebrity dancing! Log onto www.10play.com.au for all the voting details.

Dancing With The Stars is hosted by Amanda Keller and Grant Denyer, produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia and BBC Studios, from a format created by the BBC and distributed by BBC Studios.

Live Mondays At 7.30pm.

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