Eve Morey: “I was overwhelmed”

Neighbours cast and crew last week gave actress Eve Morey a standing ovation at a screening of her final episode, attended by Fremantle Global CEO Jennifer Mullin.

The special two-hander episode was given a private screening at Como Cinemas, South Yarra and proved to be a tear-jerker as Morey’s character Sonya Rebecchi succumbed to cancer in the arms of Jarrod ‘Toadie’ Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney).

In attendance were Fremantle Australia CEO Chris Oliver-Taylor, producer Jason Herbison, Oliver Rawlins group director of communications (UK), Fremantle’s Australian execs, and cast and crew -many of whom had just flown home from an exuberant appearance in the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras parade.

The episode marked Morey’s exit from the 10 Peach soap after a 10 year run on the show.

Jason Herbison explained that he and Morey both agreed Sonya would never leave Toadie of her own accord, the only choice was death, the result of ovarian cancer. While Morey vowed no sad speeches on set, producers surprised her with a farewell at Como Cinemas with their global CEO in attendance.

“I want to say thank you to everyone. The story was a great one. I really appreciate everyone’s consideration to make it come alive,” a tearful Morey said.

“I was overwhelmed by the love and care for the story and making sure that we finished Sonya in a¬†way that was incredibly truthful. It was really wonderful.

“Thank you to Kate (Kendall) she did such a beautiful job.”

Morey will remain part of the Neighbours team as a drama coach for younger performers.

On social media Neighbours fans were also full of praise and admitting to tears after Morey’s final episode.

Herbison said calls to Ovarian Cancer Australia had increased since Sonya’s diagnosis on air.

On Instagram, Ovarian Cancer Australia said, “The last few weeks have featured an incredibly important and powerful storyline with Sonya on @neighbours about #ovariancancer. Thank you so much @neighbours for ovary-acting with us and in turn creating much needed awareness of #ovariancancer.

Helpline: 1300 660 334 or [email protected]


  1. If anyone deserved an award its Eve. Its a pity the show is shoved away on Peach and there was so much other media coverage regarding other stories (new cast, mardis gras and intl womens day).
    She’ll be sorely missed and im sure she is fully aware of the fans sadness of her departure.

  2. It was truly heartbreaking. ? I’ve never experienced the loss of anyone close to me in real life but it did feel like someone i really knew was taken away and it really hurt. Damn you tv. Neighbours really pulls some punches these days. Mark has had me in tears too, he seems to be taking it the hardest.

  3. It was a really good episode, and nice to see off-location shoots. When Sonya arrived, I didn’t have any issue with her character, then there was a time when I just could not stand her, she seemed too judgmental and getting to involved with other peoples lives, reflecting back at that point she was somewhat like a young Mrs Mangle. Then her character changed, and she became less critical and involving, and more caring and understanding. Eve was great at the comical episodes, her and Ryan worked very well together. Her send off was definitely emotional, and it’s going to be interesting to see how they re-evolve Toadie’s life and future relationships.

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