Friday flashback: The Love Boat

For no reason in particular (other than I stumbled onto some clips on YouTube) here’s a moment from The Love Boat when Kristy McNichol meets Scott Baio in a teen romance plot.

This was only the third episode of The Love Boat, and featured Robert Reed, Loretta Swit, Edward Andrews and Hermione Baddeley as seen here.

I had completely forgotten this show had a laugh track!


  1. Remember The Love Boat fondly. Used to be a weekly ritual to watch in our house. Not sure what channel it was on but think it may have been 9. I remember the Today show did a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the show last year.

  2. That episode was a TV highlight for me. And what about the Kristy McNichol Christopher Atkiins Pirates movie made in Australia. Complete box office failure but as a teen thought it was best thing ever.

  3. I’ve been watching episodes of the love boat on the 10 all access app. Lol. Scary to think I loved this show as a kid. Watching it now I’ve found myself counting the potential “me too” moments if it was real life.? But it’s grwat reminiscing.

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