Will The Bachelors screen in 2022?

One big franchise may not air this year after all.

Revamped dating series The Bachelors may be pushed to a 2023 start, despite being announced as a 2022 title.

The Daily Mail reports the series with three leads, Thomas Malucelli, Jed McIntosh and Felix Von Hofe, has been delayed in 10’s programming schedule while The Love Boat sets sail with host Darren McMullen.

The Traitors is also due to screen, with host Rodger Corser.

Eleven months ago their Upfronts 10 announced both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for 2022 but could end up with neither screening (it has already confirmed Bachelorette is out).

While ratings survey concludes in late November, 10 has always teased a 50 week year slate, which takes it into mid-December.

The Bachelors filmed on the Gold Coast in recent months, overhauling the format with a world-first 3 leading men.

Both suitors and contestants will reportedly be able to access their social media accounts after they were taken offline ahead of the show going to air.

Leads Malucelli, McIntosh and Von Hofe have also been given permission to return to social media posting with new guidelines.

10 declined to comment but will unveil next Upfronts on October 6th.

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    1. That Extreme Wedding show on 7 at the moment is a couple of years old and I think at one point Amazing Race US filmed a few seasons pretty close together so it was a huge gap between filming and airing (feel bad for the contestants having to keep it a secret for so long). Could be a similar thing for show.

  1. This can only be a good thing less nonsense finding love. Why do it on TV, don’t people value their private love life now. Posting on socials is bad enough but for the world to see, really it’s kinda creepy.

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