Gogglebox lifts 10, but just 7,000 viewers between Today & News Breakfast.

Ratings: Seven wins Thursday led by Seven News. 10 edges ahead of ABC.

Gogglebox was the top entertainment show of the night and topped the demos at 646,000 for 10, defeating Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries at 304,000 for Seven, down slightly on last week’s 333,000.

Australian Crime Stories was 297,000 for Nine, also down on last week.

In morning television just 7,000 viewers separated Today from News Breakfast.

Sunrise led at 280,000 with Today on its second-lowest numbers ever at just 167,000. Across two channels (110,000 / 50,000) News Breakfast totalled 160,000 viewers.

Seven network won Thursday with 29.4% then Nine 25.5%, 10 19.8%, ABC 17.2% and SBS 8.1%.

Seven News was #1 at 906,000 / 876,000 for Seven then Home & Away (532,000) and The Chase (512,000 / 322,000).

Nine News was best for Nine at 779,000 / 779,000 then A Current Affair (706,000), Young Sheldon (512,000 / 427,000), and Hot Seat (422,000 / 247,000).  A Bad Mothers replay was 131,000.

The Project drew 357,000 / 216,000 for 10 then 10 News First (347,000), Show Me the Movie (343,000), Hughesy We Have a Problem (292,000) and Pointless (181,000).

ABC News (655,000), 7:30 (528,000), Escape from the City (432,000),  Sammy J (286,000), Informer (202,000), The Drum (190,000) and The Tunnel (73,000).

On SBS it was Rolls Royce: Dream Machines (231,000), Secrets of the Tudors (202,000), SBS World News (99,000) and Trust Me (92,000).

Rusty Rivets on ABC KIDS topped multichannels at 164,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 7 March 2019

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  1. Looking at Lee and Keith (pictured), he gets his stubby and she gets the remote.
    Typical,—Same at our place.
    If she picks the wrong channel you simply trade the stubby for a Scotch. Perfect marriage.-cheers.

  2. People forget Gogglebox didn’t launch so well in season1 in numbers or good press… what helped it was perseverance. It then grew a loyal fan base. It isn’t difficult for loyal fan bases to find their shows, regardless of lead in.

  3. News Breakfast had next to no chemistry between presenters when it started, but there was potential. That potential has now been happily realised.

    There is next to no potential in the Nine camp and I would dare say, despite their argument to the contrary, Nine will be looking at some big changes v soon. Dull is an understatement. You can’t force a bond that just ain’t there.

    1. Problem is so deep now that I’m not sure Brenton Ragless is enough to fix it. I’d maybe wait a few months and if nothing improves poach a big name like AOK, Basil or Larry. All have the personality many claim the show lacks. All are great talents and proven ratings performers. If further changes are required to ensure chemistry, make them. That’s sure to steal some viewers from the ageing Sunrise, if it doesn’t then the show is just about cooked.

  4. I own a small 11 room motel in country Victoria. My Morning TV ratings straw poll is what channel the TV is on when we go in to clean the room. Of the 11 rooms, on average, 5 would be on Sunrise, 4 would be on News Breakfast on either ABC 1 or News 24, 1 would be on Today and 1 would be on Pay TV. If I get a bus tour in, 10 of the 11 rooms are guaranteed to be on ABC…

    1. Harry Hoo: Perhaps they’re not watching Breakfast TV at all and the TV’s were just on what they watched the night before.
      Maxwell Smart: So what you’re saying Harry is that no-one is watching breakfast TV at all.
      Harry Hoo: Or that only half are.
      Maxwell Smart: Perhaps only quarter were.
      Harry Hoo: Or one and ten weren’t.
      Maxwell: Or ten and one wasn’t.
      Harry Hoo: You are an apt pupil Mr Smart.

  5. I watched a bit of Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries last night. To me, it lacks the spark of the original, and there’s really no chemistry between Ms Fisher’s niece and the police sergeant, unlike Phyrnie and Jack in the ABC series.
    I’ll be surprised if Seven commission any more telemovies, the ratings aren’t great.

    1. Gosh, Evan47, were we watching the same show. The chemistry between Peregrine and James is off the chart. But you did say you only watched a bit.

      Great ep last night. Would be a shame if it wasn’t recommissioned. Maybe the telemovie length is just too long for some people and would work better at 1-Hour eps?

        1. Yes, agree Friday nights would have been a much better time slot for this.
          Am quite enjoying it – very similar to Doctor Blake. Some great characters and well known faces and the two leads are excellent. Geraldine Hakewill is especially good and immensely likeable as the irrepressible Peregrine Fisher.
          Also agree that the two hour format is way too long. Six one hour eps would have been much better.

  6. 9 are delusional if they think Today will improve. Look, they are both lovely ladies and very competent and intelligent, but they are dull, dull, dull, dull. It’s a personality medium 9, you should know that.

  7. I think Gogglebox just consistently proves that 10’s problem is not the fact that it isn’t Seven or Nine, or that its early evening lineup is the sole reason for its poor primetime performance. Viewers just don’t like the bulk of 10’s shows in primetime – 10 need better shows.

    Takeaway, DWTS, Ambulance and Bondi Rescue can’t blame The Project or Pointless for a poor lead-in when viewers flock to Gogglebox week after week. Programs need to stand on their own, and these shows simply are not.

      1. And my point was viewers do switch to 10 to watch Gogglebox. They don’t switch for DTWS, Takeaway, Ambulance or Bondi Rescue. Same lead-in but Gogglebox gets about double the others, and that’s despite Gogglebox having already aired on Foxtel 24 hours earlier. Evidence would suggest lead-in is not the greatest factor.

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