Hallelujah! MAFS finale in sight, programming up for grabs.

...and Programmers everywhere breathe a sigh of relief.

The finish line for Married at First Sight is in sight and TV is about to turn a very big corner….

Next week the show will screen on just three nights: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with a repeat of Paramedics slipping into Wednesday.

Last Sunday the show’s relationship experts signalled cheating couple Jessika & Dan had just two weeks to explore their newly-sanctioned romance (let’s not even get started on that…).

All signs hint towards a two part finale on Sunday April 7 & Monday April 8. Nine has already locked down The Big Bang Theory return for Tuesday April 9.

With MAFS ending, programmers across the industry will breathe a huge sigh of relief. Since launching in late January the show has been unassailable, described as a “wrecking ball” to TV schedules. It has punished the once-dominant My Kitchen Rules to its lowest-ever ratings in its 10th season, and crushed expensive live show Sunday Night Takeaway and Dancing with the Stars.

Other shows like Changing Rooms were wiped off the map.

Even shows on ABC, SBS and Foxtel have been up against the brash experiment.

Two weeks of Easter non-ratings will take place from Sunday April 14 – 27 (tip: Season 2 of Australian Spartan may screen on Seven as a Ninja spoiler when the numbers don’t count).

That means from Sunday April 28 big new programming should be in play.

The next cab off 10’s rank is Bachelor in Paradise though there is the chance it could return before that date. 10’s challenge is it doesn’t want to launch MasterChef Australia until My Kitchen Rules has concluded -last year that was in the first week of May (when much was dependent on the Commonwealth Games).

Nine has both The Voice and Lego Masters up its sleeve. While The Voice begins top-heavy with multiple nights there has been chatter Lego Masters could screen around the same period on other nights. The Voice is expected to land first with an “Australians vs Internationals” theme.

Seven is expected to roll into House Rules when MKR wraps. This season sees Jamie Durie join Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Wendy Moore and host Johanna Griggs.

10 is already plugging MasterChef‘s 11th season with “Dare to Dream” promos.

Coming up on ABC is Killing Eve, Anh’s Brush with Fame, Employable Me, Call the Midwife, You Can’t Ask That, while SBS has Project Blue Book, The Good Fight, Christians Like Us and Foxtel will rule with Game of Thrones.

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  1. Must admit, loved MAFS this year – all the drama had been so amusing to watch. However about three weeks ago, it lost me and went back to streaming. I felt that the tension reached its peak and couldn’t maintain it. Will certainly be a challenge to see where that show – sorry ‘experiment’ can go next year. Love or hate it, its great to see the numbers of people tuning into FTA each night.

  2. All of the other stuff has still aired and streamed for people who want to watch it, just with less viewers because a lot of people like watching MAFS. The only show that hasn’t aired because of MAFS is TBBT on Nine. Q2 shows were always going to start in Q2, no matter what MAFS rated. It will be the bean counters and people having to place makeup ads who will most upset, they will be hoping The Voice rates less, but that is in the hands of viewers.

  3. Thanks for the update of shows coming soon.Sadly the realities offerings aren’t grabbing me, but hoping for more dramas soon!
    Any word on Harrow? it started in February last year and now I am having to wait ages for it to return?

      1. As a resident of inner Brisbane I can confirm filming was ongoing as recently as a few weeks ago, so based on that you’d suggest it’s still some months away yet.

  4. I don’t know what the Daily Mail is going to do after it ends… Just out of curiosity, I counted how many MAFS articles they had today – 68!!!!!!!

  5. It’s not only programmers that are happy. Anyone who doesn’t watch now doesn’t have to be bombarded by cross-promotion on 9 and 5 stories a day on ‘news’ websites.

  6. Wishing all other networks good luck! I have not watched MAFS so cannot comment on why ratings have increased over the weeks…not really something I want watch tbh. My husband and I have been mainly tuning into Netflix during the peak 7.30 – 9pm slots (Afterlife being my favourite). Looking forward to something new to watch on FTA soon.

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