Returning: Bull, Hawaii Five-0

Bull and Hawaii Five-0 are back with new episodes on 10 next April.

Season 3 of Bull is back at 9:15pm Wednesday April 10. This aired in the US in September.

“The Ground Beneath Their Feet”
We last left Bull alone, having a heart attack on the courtroom steps. Three months and a stint in Arizona later, he’s fully recovered and suiting up for a rich new client in the high voltage season three premiere. His first case back – a dying mother is suing the insurance company Bull represents, claiming their coverage had denied her a life- saving liver transplant. With Bull’s initial argument being “everyone can’t get everything,” the conversation soon shifts, revealing the rich may be getting more than their share.

Season 9 of Hawaii Five-0 follows at 10:15pm. This also screened in the US in September.
“Ka ʻōwili ʻōka’i -Cocoon”
In the pulse raising series return of Hawaii Five-O, Steve is rattled by the death of his CIA agent friend. Trying to search for answers, McGarrett allows himself to be captured by the group he thinks is responsible for the murder. Can he endure a torturous sensory deprivation tank to find the killer?
Also, Tani is in a moral tug-of-war, debating whether she should tell McGarrett about the murder weapon she found at Adam’s house.


  1. Yay for Bull returning 🙂

    I’m going to presume this means that SVU is playing musical chairs then though… or just mysteriously disappearing since we’re up to date with the US so there won’t be a new episode next week anyway

  2. So glad new episodes of Bull are back soon. I hope there are new episodes of Instinct and FBI are back soon too. They are really good shows too.

  3. carolemorrissey

    Great news, I’ve been wondering when Hawaii-Five 0 was coming back. And thank God they’re not on Thursday night. I already have too many shows on Thursday.

  4. Wow, Airing it now, in April when it aired 6+ months ago. Why did they take such a long time. Also when are they going to show new eps of FBI??

    • Hawaii Five-0 has been dropping each week on the 10 all access app. It’s the only thing I was watching on that app so have stopped subscribing. I actually quite like the model and would happily keep paying if there was more than just one show I was watching. Perhaps if they were doing it with all the cbs shows.

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