Returning: The Sunday Footy Show

The Sunday Footy Show returns for its 27th season, in a new Sunday morning timeslot and with a new semi-regular: Sam Newman.

The show is also extended to two hours.

Hosted by Tony Jones, the unchanged panel lineup includes former AFL superstars Kane Cornes, Nathan Brown, Matthew Lloyd and Billy Brownless, along with the league’s best newsbreaker, Damian Barrett.

The one and only Sam Newman returns to your TV screens doing what he does best – stirring without fear or favour – when he appears on the show in 2019.

The Sunday Footy Show will be joined by some of the weekend’s biggest winners as they discuss the fallout in a massive Round One, and see how the new rules are playing out.

10.00am on Nine and 9Now.


  1. In my opinion the AFL Game Day panel in general has far more character and charisma. Except for Billy and Sam I find most of these presenters to be a bit bland and boring but that’s just my opinion. It will be interesting to see how the ratings go head to head.

  2. MotorSportKid

    The new timeslot is only half the story here… and, it’s a good story.

    A 10am start means Sports Sunday won’t air until 12pm Local Time in VIC, TAS, SA or WA.
    ‘Women’s Footy’ has been shifted to 9GEM – airing at 12pm Local Time in all states bar SA and WA – it screens at 11:30am in SA, and at 1pm on Nine in WA – both due to NRL programming on 9GEM.

    Also, and most importantly, the Sunday Footy Show (AFL) is now going to air nationally, with Nine sneaking it into the broadcast schedule for NRL states (NSW, ACT, QLD and NT), where it’ll air at 10am Local Time on 9GEM… about bloody time, if you ask me… as the AFL States have been getting the NRL Sunday Footy Show on 9GEM for seven years, but the AFL version hasn’t been getting the same treatment.
    However, the difference here will be that while NRL states will get the AFL Footy Show from 10am Local Time, whereas, in AFL…

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