Stars to mark Laugh-In’s 50th anniversary

Hollywood stars will join with Lily Tomlin from Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In for a special to mark 50 years since the show began.

Netflix will film Still LAUGH-IN: The Stars Celebrate on March 8th, 2019 at Hollywood’s Dolby theatre for a special.

Laugh-In, which spanned from 1968-1973, won two Emmy Awards at the helm of its legendary director / producer George Schlatter, who will also be attendance.

The stars include: Lily Tomlin, Billy Crystal, Tiffany Haddish, Neil Patrick Harris, Taye Diggs, Michael Douglas, Jay Leno, Rita Moreno, Rita Wilson, JoAnne Worley, Maria Bamford, Margaret Cho, Ron Funches, Brad Garrett, Nikki Glaser, Lisa Ann Walter, Bobby Moynihan, Cheri Oteri, Rob Riggle, Jeff Ross, J.B. Smoove, Tony Hale, Jon Lovitz, Natasha Leggero and more.

The special will take quintessential sketches and acts from the original hit series and add a contemporary flair that will prove even 50 years later, Laugh-In never gets old.


  1. Bit late for a 50th anniversary isn’t it? The pilot aired in the US in September 1967 and it went into series from January 1968. I was actually paying a visit to TEN10 studios at North Ryde and had just got to the Studio A control room when a preview of the pilot was rolled for the programming execs to watch and we spent the next hour rolling around the control-room floor crying with laughter. It was like nothing anyone had seen before.

  2. Nooooooo why can’t it be produced in beautiful downtown Burbank, where Bette Davis recreated her famous line “What a dump”?

    Sock it to me!

    • And what a cornucopia of great lines came out of Laugh-In:

      The aforementioned, “Sock it to me1”
      “Very interesting!”
      “Here come da judge!”
      “Now here’s the man whom the news wouldn’t be the news without the news, here’s Dickie”
      “You bet your sweet bippy”
      … and many more that just don’t come to mind right now.

      It was, though, a show for its time particularly for the first few years, but it did wear a bit thin after that..

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