Sunday Night: Mar 17

This weekend’s episode of Sunday Night is hosted by Angela Cox, and features a report on player culture within the AFL & NRL.

Sex, Guys & Video
It’s been the summer of shame for our footballers. During the season, they’re lauded as Gods but once the weather gets warmer and there are no more games to play, they raise Hell. There’s the boozing, the violence and the sex videos…scandal follows scandal. You only need to peek behind the façade of professional football and you’ll find a grubby undercurrent of misogyny and male entitlement. And this toxic culture is rampant in both of Australia’s biggest footy codes – the AFL and the NRL. Players are often forced to front up to the cameras when they misbehave but we rarely hear from the women. In this Sunday Night investigation, Steve Pennells speaks to the groupies and the WAGS at the centre of this warped world. And they’re ready to lift the lid on what goes on behind locker room doors.

Double Take
Here’s an eerie thought. Somewhere in the world we all have at least one “identical twin”. John Jemison and Neil Richardson look like twins and act like twins but they are not related. They are doppelgangers – two people who share uncanny similarities which in many cases extend beyond the physical. This puzzling human phenomenon is more common than you might think. Sunday Night’s Matt Doran investigates whether there could be a scientific reason – something deep in our DNA – that solves the mystery.

8:30pm Sunday on Seven.

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