The Latest: extended NZ coverage

A late change for Seven programming tonight with The Latest to begin from 9:40pm.

The Latest on 7News is live tonight to the unfolding tragedy in Christchurch, New Zealand where a terrorist has inflicted an atrocity on a horrific scale firing an automatic weapon at victims in two mosques and live-streaming every awful moment.

The Latest on 7News will have comprehensive coverage, all the latest pictures and detailed information from our experienced team of reporters.

Join Michael Usher for a special edition of The Latest on 7News, Live at 9.40.

Islands with Martin Clunes and Coastal Railways with Julie Walters will now screen next Friday (check your EPG).


  1. I haven’t watched much rolling coverage, choosing to watch the reports on main bulletin instead. It’s just so overwhelmingly upsetting. Why can’t we all just get along …

  2. Must say, Michael Usher is an incredible professional. Watching him yesterday throughout the day I think he does an amazing steady job in those situations, and particularly like that he continued to call out information mentioning ‘this has not been verified’.

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