Travel Guides: Apr 2

Tuesday is the season finale of Travel Guides in the most unlikely destination so far:  Canberra.

The Bush Capital has never seen anything like it, as our guides attempt to find out if there’s more to Canberra than pollies and public servants.

On a visit to Parliament House, the Fren family uncover the mystery of the missing Prime Ministerial portraits, before taking part in what could become a new national tradition – rolling down the building’s grassy roof on their bellies.

And when they drop in to the Australian Institute of Sport, will anyone be able to tell our travellers and the nation’s elite athletes apart?

In an effort to take the perfect selfie, twins Stack and Mel accidentally leave their mark on Floriade, the biggest flower festival in the Southern Hemisphere.

Best mates Kev, Dorian and Teng have an unlikely romantic encounter in the basket of a hot air balloon, as they take in the panorama of the nation’s capital.

Their homegrown holiday has a wild side too, when they visit the National Zoo and Aquarium and get closer to the animals than they ever imagined. And after bedding down at the zoo’s five star Jamala Wildlife Lodge, will anyone be able to get any sleep in such close proximity to cheetahs, lions and tigers?

Driving across town, the highlight for some is a glimpse of the Capital’s most notorious, and phallic-shaped, outdoor sculpture.

The cowgirls take a trip to Floriade’s NightFest, where a simple ride on a Ferris wheel hits terrifying heights.

For their final day in Canberra, our guides captain their own boat on Lake Burley Griffin, but the Fren family’s navigation skills leave a lot to be desired.

What will they give their final holiday of 2019 out of five stars?

9pm Tuesday on Nine.


  1. thedirtydigger

    I don’t think the War Memorial is probably the correct place for a ” let’s take the piss ” kind of show as this …do you ?
    Better off focussing on the easy targets.

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