Travel Guides: Mar 26

This week Travel Guides visit Israel which Nine describes as “their most controversial holiday yet.”

When they warm up with the Mediterranean vibes of Tel Aviv our guides hit the beach, but struggle to blend in with the athletic locals. The Frens face a terrifying encounter in the water and Kevin does an unexpected striptease on the city’s gay beach.

After dark our travellers explore the funky bar scene in Tel Aviv’s ancient neighbourhood of Jaffa, where Dorian’s attempts to land a date go embarrassingly wrong.

After heading to the lowest point on Earth, the guides find out whether smothering yourself in Dead Sea mud really does help to cure ailments. And their attempts to float in the Dead Sea, which is ten times saltier than the ocean, have painful consequences.

A pre-dawn trek up to the ancient fortress of Masada tests their fitness. When they reach the top, will the ruins of King Herod’s Palace be worth the climb, or a total fizzer?

In modern West Jerusalem, the travel critics find one of the world’s liveliest markets, where they’re keen to try out “nature’s Viagra”, while Kevin and Janetta find a restaurant for a lunch that turns into a wild party.

The Old City of Jerusalem is home to some of the holiest sites for Christians, Jews and Muslims alike, and the guides discover why it is the most hotly contested square kilometre of territory in the world. And when the boys run into Jesus in one of the ancient city’s alleyways, is it a Second Coming?

The Frens forgo walking to tackle the cobblestone streets on Segways, but will exploring Jerusalem’s Old City be a religious experience or a letdown for non-believers?

How will our guides rate their holiday in the holy land out of five stars?

9pm Tuesday on Nine.

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