60 Minutes: Apr 7

On 60 Minutes this Sunday, Liz Hayes reports on Dan Jones, a man wrongly accused of domestic violence and rape.

Sex, Lies & Police Tape
It would be difficult to find anyone more honest and reliable than Dan Jones. He always prided himself on being a law-abiding, hardworking member of the community. But what he, and his equally decent parents, Ian and Michelle, have endured over the past eight years beggars belief and has led them to question the way the police and the legal system operate in Australia. The Jones’ family trauma began in 2011 when Dan met Sarah Jane Parkinson. They fell in love, got engaged and planned their future together. But bizarrely, just as the couple seemed destined for a life of romantic bliss, Parkinson started making up vile stories and complete fabrications about her fiancé. She went to the ACT police accusing Dan of despicable domestic violence and rape. He vociferously denied the allegations, but to no avail. Instead, he was deemed such a threat he was thrown into a maximum security prison while he awaited trial. As Liz Hayes reports in a 60 Minutes special investigation, the stress of being wrongly accused of heinous crimes was not only unbearable for Dan, it fractured the entire Jones family. The ordeal contributed to the break-up of Ian and Michelle’s 30-year marriage as well as costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. But just as devastating for this family is how easily police and prosecutors were duped into believing Sarah Jane Parkinson was a victim when in fact she was a pathological liar.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producers: Gareth Harvey, Madeleine Apps

8:30pm (ish) Sunday on Nine.


  1. VRO’s are unfortunately a necessary part of our legal system, however as someone who has been on the receiving end of a (proven) false allegation I can tell you all that the system needs to change. Having to go to court to defend against lies, with no repercussions for the liar makes a travesty of the laws that are meant to protect true victims.
    Thankfully our family held our heads high, faced down our accusers (or would have had they bothered to show up to court) & proved our innocence

  2. This sort of thing happens everyday. Think there above the law. While dan and his family go through hell while the ex girlfriend and her partner should be behind bars. Sorry he’s a copper, my bad there above the law 🤮
    Thank god for his persistent parents. Why aren’t the ex girlfriend and partner punished for this??

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