Airdate: Celebrity Name Game

Grant Denyer game show will debut in just over 2 week's time.

10 has now confirmed Celebrity Name Game‘s launch for 6pm Monday 13 May, which means Pointless will wrap on Friday May 10.

The show sees everyday Aussies paired with guest celebrities correctly identify pop culture icons for a $10,000 prize.

Based on a US format, the Fremantle-produced game show is hosted by Grant Denyer, who has been filming around recent back ailments and media commitments.

10 is hoping it will have broader appeal than Pointless, which was cited as being too niche for the timeslot.

The show is also still open for teams of 2 to compete and you can apply at www.celebnamegame.com.au.

Hold up – how do you play? The teams must whiz through three rounds, before heading to the final round for their chance at winning $10,000 cash.

Round 1: The guest celebrity gives the clues while the contestants guess the answers. Let’s try this at home.
Q: What are words beginning with “T”?
A: Twerking, Tiger Woods, Team America.

Round 2: One of the contestants gives the clues, while the other contestant and celebrity guess the names.
Clue: Villains.
A: Darth Vader, Parking Inspectors, Dr. Evil.

Round 3: In a head to head buzzer round, both teams face off as the host gives a clue to a celebrity name. The first to buzz in with the right answer earns money for their team.
Q: She starred as the driver of Herbie The Love Bug, but awkwardly has a stack of drink driving arrests. Blazing red hair.
A: Lindsay Lohan.

In the final round, both guest celebrities will try and guess 10 famous names as the contestants’ race against the clock, taking turns to give the clues.

It’s fast-paced, action packed and will leave you cheering and jeering at the TV.

6pm Monday May 13 on 10.

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