Andrew Denton: Interview: Apr 23

Seven has just confirmed tonight’s guests on Andrew Denton: Interview as Angry Anderson and his daughter Roxanne talking about the tragic loss of their son and brother, Liam.

“This was one of the hardest interviews I have ever done,” says Denton. “I was in awe of Angry and Roxy’s bravery. Trust me, there are moments that will make you hold your breath.”

Five months ago, Liam Anderson, the 26 year old son of legendary Oz rocker Angry Anderson, left a party in North Sydney to look after an acquaintance he could see was in a bad way. That man is now accused of murdering him in a local park.

In a raw and compelling interview, Angry Anderson and his daughter Roxanne talk about life, love and family. They also open up about the challenges they’re facing, in the hope that their words will bring comfort to others. When you’ve had a loss of this magnitude, how do you keep going, when keeping going seems like an impossible thing to do? How do you find a way forward, for yourself and for your family?

Tuesday 23 April at 9.00pm on Seven.


  1. To Andrew and the Team.
    Finally !!!!! something decent on commercial TV which doesn’t involve an Island with a bunch of simpleton’s, someone burning something in the kitchen or some random desperate marrying the first person they bump into.
    Your Interview last night was professional, soft, empathetic and moving. Angry and his family have gone through allot in the past 6 months and I applaud them for sharing their grief.
    Congratulations Andrew on your fabulous interviewing technique. I wait in anticipation for the next episodes. Well done guys. Cheers and all the best. Geoff.G

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