Art imitates soap for Neighbours cast

Neighbours stars Colette Mann and Geoff Paine have been dishing out their best soapie lessons to audiences at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with their show “Mann Up and Take the Paine.”

Imparting their Mann / Paine method the two cheekily unpack all that is required to be a soapie actor, from sexual tension to close-ups to filling out a scene that is running under time. Unsuspecting audience members will also find themselves as guest stars plus camera and sound operators.

NeighboursĀ cast and crew have also been in attendance, some suddenly finding themselves performing on stage.

“More than once we’ve had a Neighbours cast member get up to be Eye Candy. And our boom operator got up but he was very nervous about being onstage.

“You have to make big decisions, make them fast, and if you’re working with Colette Mann watch out,” Paine warns.

“You know the lion tamer and the lion? The chair doesn’t do anything. That’s what I’ve discovered.

“But I would call it a competitive relationship. But it’s like elite sportsmen… we are friends offstage, but onstage it’s no holds-barred. No rules.”

There are just 4 more shows if you want to catch the show at Campari House in Hardware Lane.

Mann Up and Take the Paine.

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  1. The Neighbuzz podcast has been highlighting this for a while now, sounds like a lot of fun. There’s a great recent episode where they had Geoff and Colette on the show, for any Neighbours fans left out there.

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