“He’s a madman, but that’s okay.”

Andy Lee regrets working with Shaun Micallef on Nine. But not really.

Andy Lee is normally seen working alongside buddy Hamish Blake, but the chance to work with the inimitable Shaun Micallef was enough for him to sign on to Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation.

“That was the main reason I wanted to do it,” he tells TV Tonight. “Hamish, and I specifically, have been such a fan of Shaun since watching The Micallef Pogram and so to be able to work alongside him was the drawcard.

“I obviously regret that now! He’s a madman, but that’s okay. I’m locked in!”

While Blake is leading the network with Lego Masters, Andy Lee is mixing it up with other performers. He maintains that both have always encouraged working apart as well as together.

“This feels effortless”

“I think for both of us our natural happy place is working together and this feels effortless.

“Anytime we’ve gone away we generally bring back an extra something to the joint venture, which is really lovely.

“It’s nice to stretch different muscles. When we’re performing as a duo I have the tendency to be bit lazy at times because I’ve got Hamish to rely on!”

As a Gen Y captain, 37 year old Lee returns with Robyn Butler (Gen X) and Laurence Boxhall (Gen Z).

Now in their second season on Nine, the team’s oddball challenges see celebrities tested on pop culture and the mundane -anything that offers Micallef an opportunity for his idiosyncratic hosting.

“You’re putting your energy into better places.”

“With any second series, you kind of get to find out what you are. Even though this show is so well ingrained and everyone knew what they’re doing from a production sense, for the new team captains and for Shaun interacting with us it just improves with time,” he continues.

“There are less pick-ups, which means you’re putting your energy into better places. For instance there are some amazing things they’ve built. The set-up for one of the endgames was a fantastic idea but the execution was also terrific. We had to prepare food and had a roast chicken, make a potato salad, a trifle and a prawn cocktail from scratch.

“But the thing was it was during a blackout. We only had 10 seconds to see where all the utensils were. Suddenly the lights went out. They’d set it up in an adjacent studio and had infra-red cameras.”

Guests this season include Brendan Fevola, Michala Banas, Tayla Harris & Christian O’Connell and The Veronicas.

“The Veronicas generally have cat fights. It’s not for show. They genuinely get under each other’s skin. But in true sister fashion it blows over very quickly.”

Lee, who is one part of Radio Karate with Blake, Ryan Shelton and Tim Bartley, which is resting True Stories while preparing for Hamish & Andy’s Perfect Holiday, shooting from May.

“We’re not going to be going as wild and crazy as we have been in the past.”

“The twist this time round is I have organised a bunch of dates and activities for Hamish and he’s organised a bunch of things for me to do,” he recently revealed.

“I would say it’s a natural evolution of our ages. We’re not going to be going as wild and crazy as we have been in the past.”

When he isn’t doing any of the above, Lee enjoys checking out new TV programmes, just to keep ahead of the shifts and trends.

“I know this sounds really dorky but I like seeing what’s on and how the landscape is changing. So I’ll watch your Dancing with the Stars and Takeaways and I’m a Celebrities.

“If there’s something new starting I’ll dip in, if it catches me I’ll continue watching it. And then revert to Netflix or the streaming services.

“Sometimes it’s a wrestle for the remote. Maybe Married at First Sight will get watched more than usual if (girlfriend) Bec’s got the remote!,” he admitted.

Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation airs 7:30pm Wednesday on Nine.

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