How Transparent will deal with exit of Jeffrey Tambor

Spoiler: Don't read if you don't wanna know....

SPOILER: Don’t read if you don’t wanna know….

Transparent creator Jill Soloway has confirmed that Jeffrey Tambor’s character will be killed off in the two-hour series finale, after he was fired from the show in 2018. While Tambor regretted if any of his actions were misinterpreted he also criticised Amazon’s investigation of “false accusations.”

The upcoming musical finale will feature the death of lead character Maura, and depict the Pfefferman family coping with the loss, Soloway told the Los Angeles Times.

“We were all in mourning in many ways, and we all had to process together,” Soloway said. “It was important [for the show] to go through all those stages. The show has always been a reflection of who we were, and we were mourning our own narrative.”

Tambor was fired by Amazon Studios last February, following accusations of sexual harassment on set by transgender actresses Van Barnes and Trace Lysette.

The show will end with a musical finale, titled “The Transparent Musical Finale,” as family members Shelly (Judith Light), Sarah (Landecker), Josh (Jay Duplass), and Ali (Gaby Hoffmann) Pfefferman deal with Maura’s death.

Soloway directed and wrote the installment, with songs penned by her sister, Faith Soloway. Song titles include “Your Boundary Is My Trigger” and “Sepulveda Boulevard.”

It is expected to screen in Australia on Stan in September.

Source: Variety

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  1. This show and it’s characters grew on me but a musical finale I’m not sure about. I get the death of the main lead, but will be interesting to see if mourning that character musically will work.

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