Where is the Transparent finale?

Australian fans could be in for a long wait to farewell the Pfefferman clan.

Australian fans of Transparent waiting for closure on the series could be in for a long wait.

It may not be screening here until 2020.

A musical finale special to wrap things up dropped in the US last week. This sees the Pfefferman clan farewell Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) through musical numbers under creator Jill Soloway.

While the series has until now premiered through Stan, it no longer carries any rights to the show and has deleted previous seasons from its service. Transparent was even a platform launch brand for Stan.

Amazon Prime sources told TV Tonight it would screen the movie in 2020 which is a poor case of slow-tracking.

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  1. Thanks for this story. I signed up last night to watch this and it teased me with having it there but saying it wasn’t available. I spend a waste of 30 mins on an online chat with Prime Video but the agent said that ‘we operate like any store and if we don’t have the rights we cannot show it’. Anyway, needless to say I cancelled my subscription as this was the only reason I signed up.

  2. Amazon are you for real!!! No wonder people potentially find other ways to see it. Gosh reading this article you’d think it was C7 or 9 having the rights. They are delayers not streaming companies

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