Sunday Night: Apr 14

This weekend Sunday Night ventures to extreme low temperatures, the Peruvian jungle and the Outback.

The Iceman
Wim Hof is the Iceman – a Dutch extreme athlete who’s convinced he’s found the secret to longer life. Wim believes exposure to extreme cold triggers changes in the body that can cure some of our most devastating diseases. When it comes to survival in freezing conditions, Wim Hof possesses seemingly super-human powers. Now his big chill therapy has caught the attention of scientists. Sunday Night’s Steve Pennells took the plunge to find out more.

Paradise Lost
There’s a vast stretch of the Amazon that Peruvians call Madre de Dios or ‘Mother of God’. But these days, it looks like the devil’s work. This once-pristine corner of the Peruvian jungle has been transformed into a moonscape by illegal gold miners. There’s big money to be made here. In fact, the industry is so lucrative, even drug lords are starting to switch from cocaine to gold. In this special Sunday Night investigation, senior reporter Denham Hitchcock ventures to one of the most dangerous places on earth. He’s joined by a Miss Universe contestant, determined to fight for the jungle she loves. Together, they find themselves playing a risky game of cat and mouse in a land beyond the law.

Rolling Solo
Deep in the Australian outback, women of all ages and walks of life are gathering. They’ve left their everyday lives behind to camp in the great outdoors far away from menfolk. They call themselves the Rollers. For these women it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Everyone here has a story – there’s the terminally ill, divorcees and widows as well as full time carers who’ve managed to snatch a few precious days away. Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen was given special dispensation to hit the road with this feisty and courageous bunch of women.

8:30pm Sunday on Seven.

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