Sunday Night: Apr 7

Ahead of the birth for Prince Harry & Meghan, Melissa Doyle is in London for Sunday Night.

Royal watchers are on high alert as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex prepare for the arrival of their first baby.

And if there’s one thing we’ve learned watching Meghan and Harry, this couple doesn’t mind breaking with tradition.

Their relationship was a fairy tale tailor made for the millennial generation. A beautiful American actress – the very modern Meghan Markle – meets and falls in love with the cheeky ginger haired Prince Harry.

16 months later, they were engaged. Marriage followed soon afterward. Then on their Australian royal tour, they announced they were expecting a baby Sussex.

As the big day draws closer, Sunday Night explores the history and traditions of royal births from Her Majesty the Queen to the latest generation of princes and princesses.

So… will it be a boy, a girl or maybe even twins? That’s a close-guarded secret. What we can be sure of is that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will raise the seventh in line to the throne their way.

Sunday Night’s Melissa Doyle heads to England to bring us all the pomp, ceremony and excitement of the impending birth and goes beyond the gates of Norland College – the most prestigious nanny training school in the world. These royal nannies in waiting have all the charm of Mary Poppins as well as the skills of a secret agent.

Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven.

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  1. Maev....Sydney

    Why, does everyone feel the need to touch a preggie belly?….
    And life lived in a goldfish bowl….not for me…I wish them well.

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