Sunday Night Takeaway to wrap on April 14

There are just 2 more episodes to come for 10's struggling variety show.

Struggling 10 variety show Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway has just 2 more episodes to come.

TV Tonight can reveal it will wrap its season on Sunday April 14 as the Easter non-ratings season gets underway.

That will be a total of 8 episodes for the ambitious Live show. Ratings for the show have been punished by juggernaut show Married at First Sight and My Kitchen Rules. On Sunday it drew just 218,000 viewers. But with the high expense of Live production, it has been on borrowed time.

10 remains optimistic about its incoming shows Bachelor in Paradise, which kicks off in a week’s time, and MasterChef Australia -yet to confirm its launch.

But 10 has previously referred to programming 50 weeks a year, meaning it will have to deliver Sunday programming -it isn’t yet clear what it has in store for Sundays in the second half of April.

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  1. Hope the show does return in the future I think Chris And Julia are absolutely perfect for the show they are great hosts Australia needs a good well produced Variety show on TV and this is it

    1. Yes, I 100% agree with this…Sunday Night Takeaway will continue to grow it’s fan-base as time goes on. Chris and Julia do wonderfully well, I think that this show will be the ruler of Sunday Night from now on as MAFS ends…

  2. I just don’t think Chris and Julia are right for this. They need hosts with bursts of energy not just funny mannerisms.
    Scott tweedie and someone else i would say to give it one more pop.

  3. Thankfully the last episode (hopefully of Season 1 but it would take people really dedicated with the show) is after MAFS finishes.

    If there is to be a Season 2, I would have it later this year and I would have it actually live across Australia.
    (I’m aware for WA viewers that would mean a really early start)
    This should give people outside of eastern mainland Australia more opportunity to play live games. Imagine Beau playing Couch Watch in my state of SA or in Perth WA.

      1. I agree it is sad that Season 1 will probably be the only season.

        I still amazed only 218,000 watched last Sunday’s episode. That’s below final primetime episode of The Biggest Loser numbers.

        Yet another case of the competition eating a 10 primetime show for breakfast.

        1. The states which are in ACST and AWST should probably air Sunday Night Takeaway Live on a secondary channel like 10 Peach and then air it at 7:30pm at the normal time. That would mean those who wish to watch it live can participate in the show without disrupting the main channel’s schedule.

          This could mean that Beau can even visit rural areas for Couch Watch!

  4. It was to scripted, it wasn’t Chris and Julia it was Ant & Dec this show never had a chance. Just bring back Rove and Big Brother, Australian Idol and revive the early 2000’s success.

  5. It’s a shame that we will barely get a chance to see how it goes without MAFS. I’m assuming 8 episodes was the original planned run?
    I do hope they show Lisa Wilkinson’s prank in one of the final shows. That’s the third time they’ve promised something for the next weeks show that hasn’t eventuated (at least when they said it would)

        1. 10 says that these shows take time to build…maybe they will discuss and bring it back again later this year or even next year with changes! I really enjoy this show, hope it does come back…

    1. A lot of the content has been in development for months with some of the pranks filmed last year by the looks…..it looks like a lot of effort for very short segments in some instances.

      Such a shame if it doesn’t continue, I was blubbering with the happiest minute this week, so nice to see happy stuff and deserving people get something they may never get to experience due to their personal circumstances 🙁

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