What I’ve Been Watching: Tom Steinfort

The Today show’s Tom Steinfort is a fan of The Thick of It, Gogglebox, Seinfeld and he loves his Sport.

Here is his watch list…

1. What’s on your Must See TV list lately and why?
TS: I only recently got Stan so have been bingeing on an old favourite of mine, The Thick Of It – Peter Capaldi is absolutely brilliant, although at times reminds me a little too much of some psychopathic news bosses I had when I was starting out in the industry. Sunderland Til I Die on Netflix is probably my favourite new series of the year, proper reality television with access you so rarely get in the sporting world. Speaking of sport, I reckon Footy Classified is very comfortably the best AFL analysis show on TV, although I do try to catch AFL 360 most days as well. Gogglebox is another favourite of mine – so simple yet so entertaining.

2. What are your Guilty Pleasure shows?
TS: Is MAFS still a guilty pleasure, or are we all just out in the open these days about our addiction? Even my fiancé tried to pretend she didn’t watch it for a while there, but then one night said “Honestly what the hell is going on with Jessika?” and I was like “YOU TOLD ME YOU DIDN’T WATCH THAT SHOW!”. We are now seeing John Aiken to help work through our issues.

3. What show you would secretly love to appear on?
TS: Seinfeld. Still my favourite show of all time, and I must confess I’m that loser that can somehow relate every single moment in their life back to something that happened on Seinfeld (or The Simpsons).

4. When you settle down for a night on the couch what are your ‘must-haves?’
TS: I have the sweetest tooth in the world so there’s no show that can’t be improved without the addition of some chocolate. Rocky road is my current (old school) obsession.

5. How are you enjoying your new role on Today and what’s been the biggest surprise?
TS: It’s safe to say it’s been a pretty wild start to proceedings on Today, but hey, that was always going to be the case. I feel like we’re finding a nice rhythm now, and getting to know each other’s strengths/quirks a lot better too. The biggest surprise for me so far is that I haven’t managed to sleep through my alarm. Yet. Watch this space…..

Today airs 5:30am weekdays on Nine.


  1. He is such a talent. Too bad he is wasted on that dreadfully horrible revamp of Today. I had no choice but to start watching Sunrise.

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