You Can’t Ask That: Apr 3

Season 4 of You Can’t Ask That begins tonight with a discussion on Domestic & Family Violence.

The 8 part series again asks misunderstood, misjudged, or marginalised Australians awkward, inappropriate, or uncomfortable questions.

The fourth series will also tackle African Australians, Intersex People, Carnies & Show People, Ex-Politicians, Alcoholics, Disaster Survivors and Deaf People.

In this opening episode, You Can’t Ask That shines a light on Domestic and Family Violence.
On average in Australia, one women is murdered by her current or former partner every week, with intimate partner violence a leading contributor to homelessness, illness, disability and premature death for women aged 18-44.

The episode goes beyond these shocking statistics, empowering eight people who have experienced domestic or family violence to reflect on their personal experiences of living in violent, abusive and controlling relationships.

9pm Wednesday on ABC.

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