10 to mount The Masked Singer

Hit US singing show, with a mystery twist, is coming down under.

A local version of US hit singing format The Masked Singer is coming to 10.

To be produced by Warner Bros. Australia the series sees celebrities disguised as they sing off against one another with clues dropped about their identity.

The US version has been a huge hit in the ratings, averaging over 11 million viewers.

10’s Chief Content Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “We are so thrilled to have The Masker Singer on 10.

“It is genuinely original, addictive and a little bit bonkers. It is not that often that you get to launch something that feels so unique and exciting. We cannot wait to get going and have the whole country playing along.”

Warner Bros. Australia CEO, Michael Brooks, said: “Australian TV audiences are screaming out for something fresh, exciting and original. The Masked Singer is not a singing show, it’s an addictive guessing game that will have the entire country asking one question…who is behind the mask?”

In January TV Tonight asked 3 commercial networks if they planned to bring the show down under.

Here’s what they had to say….

Angus Ross, Seven Director of Programming:
“It’s a very interesting show, doing good numbers in the US. Who is it behind the mask? They haven’t been major celebrities so far but it’s out there and different, I’ll give it that. And it’s working. I’m sure everyone’s looking at it. It could go either way in this market, but I’d say it’s on everyone’s radar.”

Hamish Turner, Nine Program Director:
“It’s fun. It’s a singing detective show. It’s quirky, even the way they do the interviews. It’s bizarre but engaging. Although it’s about the performance, a lot of it is about who the hell is under that costume. If you talk about co-viewing (wth families) it delivers that, and it’s done a good job for FOX. We look at everything, and you’d be mad not to. We’ve definitely had a look at it.”

Daniel Monaghan, 10 Head of Programming:
“It’s an out of this world format and it appears to be working in the US. I remember it with Ryan Reynolds in the Korean version. I’m sure that someone will make it. Have we got it? No. has it been pitched to everyone? Absolutely. Have we been watching the numbers closely in the US? Certainly. Whether or not it would hold for a number of years, past a ‘stunt’ remains to be seen. You’d have to be mad not to be looking at it, but it’s very, very expensive.”

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  1. Note to 10: keep the red cordial in the cupboard this time (Reference to Game of Games). Would be great if the audience wasn’t constantly screaming like they do on The Voice, but I’m fine as long as there’s no Delta.

  2. I watched the US week by week and I really enjoyed it – Not all that familiar with their sports players

    And I thought they could have upped some of the celebrities a little

    I think it could be good as long as they don’t overuse 10 talent

    And let’s lift the bar so, so, sooooo much higher than I’m a celebrity, get me out of here !

  3. 10 doesn’t always get rewarded for innovation but I hope this goes well, sounds bizarre but intriguing, and it’s obviulsy got good numbers well elsewhere. They just need to make sure they get genuinely famous celebrities…

  4. Be interesting to see how this goes, should look good though given Warner Bros. produced Dancing with the Stars, I know that was WB International however I’m sure WB Australia would keep a similar standard.

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