60 Minutes: May 12

On Sunday 60 Minutes tackles worksite deaths, climate change, and the push for bigger pay packets.

Eighteen-year-old Christopher Cassaniti’s beaming smile perfectly matched his generous spirit and love of life. They were qualities he inherited from his mum and dad, Patrizia and Rob. Six weeks ago Christopher happily headed off to his job as an apprentice on a building site in Sydney. But by lunchtime he was dead, pinned under 17 metres of twisted metal scaffolding that had collapsed on him and a workmate. Patrizia and Rob will never be able to comprehend the loss of their beautiful son, but they feel compelled to talk about it. In a remarkably courageous interview, they tell Tara Brown they don’t want others to suffer like they are, and they’re doing all they can to ensure every worksite around Australia is safe.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Naomi Shivaraman, Joel Tozer

In Too Deep
When it comes to climate change Australian politicians are masters at dilly-dallying. They try to convince us they’re concerned about the issue, but when called to act there seems to be very little unity in parliament. Perhaps they should do what Liam Bartlett has just done and take a trip to one of the most isolated – and breathtakingly beautiful – parts of the Pacific: the northern Solomon Islands. There they’ll see how much deep water we’re all in. With the world heating up, drastic rises in sea level mean whole islands are literally disappearing. It’s an extraordinary sight, and proof positive we must do more, right now.
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producer: Nick Greenaway

Work Strife Balance
For a nation that prides itself on giving everyone a fair go, it’s alarming how many Australian families feel like they’re missing out. The reason is simple: costs keep rising but wages don’t. With an election six days away, many candidates are promising to fix the problem. Their pledges play well on the nightly news, but before you give them your vote, think hard. On assignment for 60 Minutes, Nine’s finance editor, Ross Greenwood, reports that Australian workers are already among the highest paid in the world, which means the push for even bigger pay packets is likely to have dire consequences. Greenwood warns local jobs will go overseas, and unemployment here will increase.
Reporter: Ross Greenwood
Producer: Nick Greenaway

8:40pm Sunday on Nine.

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