Airdate: 63 Up

Ground-breaking doco 7 Up returns with its new instalment on SBS.

Ground-breaking documentary series 7 Up returns with its new instalment 63 Up on SBS in June.

This has tracked the same cast members across decades since 1964.

The three part series will premiered in the UK in early June.

The latest instalment of the ground-breaking, award-winning documentary series from director Michael Apted (Gorky Park, Gorillas in the Mist) returns to visit the people whose lives have been followed since they were seven.

Featuring more of the original line-up than ever before, we discover what has happened to the group over the last seven years, and what life has thrown at them in their sixties.

Variously heartbreaking, moving and uplifting, this serial series continues to present an incredible living social history of modern Britain.

Monday, 10 June at 7.30pm on SBS.


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    1. Yes, how time flies !
      So looking forward to this. Have followed it from the very beginning.
      I especially remember Neil – such a bright and animated little boy at 7, positively bursting with optimism and enthusiasm. He seemed to have so much potential so heartbreaking to see him so changed and sad due to mental illness, in further instalments of the show.
      Really hope to see him happy and well and doing well in his life in this latest instalment. .

      1. I agree. Neil’s story was heartbreaking. He seemed to have as much potential as his counterparts but his life became a stark contrast of the other cast members. His living conditions were sad. There had been some improvement in his life, yet I don’t know about what will be seen in the latest instalment.

  1. I remember this series. It is one of the greatest concepts for a documentary. It was interesting to see the life changes in the people that were cast. It would be beneficial for the previous instalments to be shown in the lead up to 63 Up, or to see the previous instalments beforehand, however, 63 Up would probably have some backstory anyway.

    1. >> It would be beneficial for the previous instalments to be shown in the lead up

      They’ve all been made available on SBS On Demand.
      sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/11865667729/7-up etc

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