Airdate: The Super Switch

Volatile reality show is coming to Tuesdays & Wednesdays on Seven. But what about House Rules?

Volatile reality series The Super Switch is coming to Tuesdays & Wednesdays on Seven with the network yet to confirm its plans for House Rules.

The Super Switch is a renamed version of Seven Year Switch which had 2 seasons in 2016 / 2017. The format sees couples swap partners and live together in an attempt to address their relationship problems (!).

Promos for The Super Switch indicate this season puts couples together MAFS-style in living quarters which leads to meltdowns and even physical altercation. It comes at a time when duty of care in Reality TV production is under scrutiny, including in questions raised by Sunday Night.

House Rules is currently stripped 4 nights a week on Seven, last week averaging 646,000. As houses near completion Seven will reveal further programming plans on Monday.

The Super Switch premiere episode will also be available online at 7plus from Friday June 7 ahead of its broadcast on June 11.

Falling in love is the best feeling in the world, but the six couples featured in The Super Switch have learned the hard way that sometimes love just ain’t enough.

At a crossroads in their relationship, these brave couples will say goodbye to their loved ones to live in an experimental relationship with a total stranger. Participants will be paired with someone like-minded who will hold up a mirror to their own behaviour, prompting them to question whether the grass is greener elsewhere.

This year the experiment will be taken a step further, with the six experimental couples divided between two mansions, allowing the couples to have a shared experience. With a mixture of personalities – and morals – judgements will fly and tempers will flare.

Guiding them through the turbulent waters is Psychotherapist Guy Vicars and Psychologist Jacqui Manning.

At the end of this extreme social experiment, couples will reunite with their real partners before making their final choice; to stay together forever or walk away for good. This is love under the microscope, a confronting experience that will shock and challenge the couples. 

7:30pm Tuesday June 11 and contd. Wednesdays on Seven.

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  1. It seems hypocritical for Seven to condemn Nine for MAFS, but here is a show that looks like a knock-off, and Seven has taken the moral high ground. I will not be watching this, but knowing Seven, there will be encores (i.e. repeats) a number of times. And I am willing to place bets on A Current Affair or 60 Minutes condemning Seven for airing The Super Switch and doing what Seven did and take the moral high ground.

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