Eurovision Song Contest 2019: Semi Final 1: qualifiers

Australia’s Kate Miller-Heidki is headed to the Grand Final in Tel Aviv!

10 nations have qualified at the Eurovision Song Contest held earlier this morning (Australian time).

Australia turned on a mesmerising performance at Expo Tel Aviv which wowed the crowd. Remarkably, Australia has now risen to third favourite overall with some bookies, and fifth with others.

The 10 acts in no particular order are:

Cyprus Tamta “Replay”
Montenegro D mol “Heaven”
Finland Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman “Look Away”
Poland Tulia “Fire of Love (Pali się)”
Slovenia Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl “Sebi”
Czech Republic Lake Malawi “Friend of a Friend”
Hungary Joci Pápai “Az én apám”
Belarus ZENA “Like It”
Serbia Nevena Božović “Kruna” (Круна)
Belgium Eliot “Wake Up”
Georgia Oto Nemsadze “Keep on Going”
Australia Kate Miller-Heidke “Zero Gravity”
Iceland Hatari “Hatrið mun sigra”
Estonia Victor Crone “Storm”
Portugal Conan Osiris “Telemóveis”
Greece Katerine Duska “Better Love”
San Marino Serhat “Say Na Na Na”

10 more acts will qualify at Semi Final Two airing Live on Friday morning (Australian time).

Semi Final One on SBS:
Rpt 8.30pm Thursday 16 May

Semi Final Two on SBS:
Live 5am AEST Friday 17 May
Rpt 8:30pm Friday 17 May

Live 5am AEST Sunday 19 May*
Rpt 8:30pm Sunday 19 May
* Live voting

Eurovision Song Contest 2019: guide


  1. Maev....Sydney

    Google…lots of info on her…..she struggled after her sons birth….wondered if she would sing again…she also had a serious stint with cellulitis from a blister caused by high heels…
    She has worked really hard on this performance….many …many rehearsals….well deserved…
    I did not really know a lot about her before this….but my admiration has only grown for what an amazing young women she is.

  2. Call me a killjoy, but shouldn’t there be a “Spoiler Warning” with this story, as not many people were up to watch it live, and will be watching it tomorrow night. No doubt when this story appears on SBS World News tonight, no doubt there will be a “Spoiler Warning” with the story so people who haven’t seen it can avoid the spoilers.

    • Aired = Spoiler. The news is far and wide in media today on web homepages, radio etc. It doesn’t make sense for a dedicated TV site to have to hold off. I’ve given repeated advice I would be filing Live results for the entire contest. When SBS used to only have Sunday night broadcasts I always held off publishing until it aired, despite a lot of other media running it.

  3. I remember Kate’s music charting around a decade ago “It’s the last day on Earth” was a popular one, Neighbours used it for Bridget’s death promo back in 2009.

    Wonder why she’s only just come back into the spotlight and where’s she been!?

    • >> Wonder why she’s only just come back into the spotlight and where’s she been!?

      Seriously? Off the top of my head …Four more albums (Nightlfight, Fatty Gets A Sylist, O Vertigo, Live At the Sydney Opera House). Had a baby. Performed in several operas for the English National Opera, and the Metropolitan Opera. Wrote an opera for Opera Australia. Wrote the music and lyrics for the stage production of Muriel’s Wedding.

      • Yep, and she wrote Zero Gravity about her experience with post natal depression. Such a talented, hard working person who deserves this success and international exposure.

    • Kate’s been very busy over the last decade… it’s just that she prefers to work outside the pop world (she’s made a few statements in the past about how much she hates the current crop of Aussie pop artists)

  4. I don’t really care for the song, but that staging was up there with the best Eurovision has ever produced. And, given what a mess the Australia Decides staging was, it’s really an amazing transformation.
    And, how on earth does Kate manage to sing like that while she’s being flung around on a giant pogo stick? Good Luck to her for the grand final, I think it’s a comfortable top 10 finish for sure.

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