Jennifer Byrne returning to Mastermind chair

Jennifer Byrne is returning as Mastermind host from Monday after The Feed‘s Marc Fennell stepped in for two weeks.

Byrne recently took a heavy tumble while walking her dog, resulting in a broken wrist and some injuries to her face.

“You could say I’m a bit ‘visually alarming’ at the moment, which could distract contenders”, she said. “But on the mend now and back to work very soon. Importantly, my dog Riley and I are back on good terms.”

Marc Fennell has been proving his versatility in the chair recently saying, “Stepping into Jen’s huge Mastermind chair is wildly intimidating, not least because I look like I’m sitting in a decapitated Dalek. I can’t wait to set a land speed record for how many questions I can ask contenders who are – let’s be honest – far smarter than me.”

The show has been drawing around 100,000 – 120,000 viewers in the competitive 6pm slot.

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