1. TasTVcameraman

    I see that Pointless is improving in ratings, just when it is about to finish. I dont expect any greater numbers for the replacement. Does anyone know if pointless will be on Bold or Peach going forward

  2. A second run of MKR this calendar year (if that’s broadcast during ’19) looks like it might be a mistake now and might finally ‘kill the golden goose’, given the already falling ratings for the last (just finished) run of MKR. As happens far too often, networks can’t resist wringing every last commercial drop out of successful shows, which normally leads to diminishing viewer returns.

  3. Going to get interesting with Nine having The Voice coming in as it constantly beat House Rules last year (went back and forth with Masterchef), with of course NRL State Of Origin, the Cricket World Cup and Ashes as well. Seven really don’t have much in the cupboard apart from Australia’s Got Talent and MKR again, no “Event TV” this year like last years Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You (though granted they were a 2 year cycle with Molly 2016, INXS 2014).

    • That’s debatable. Seven also has AFL, two new dramas from Bevan Lee, First Dates: Australia and Bride and Prejudice. Nine only has the NRL & The Block as ammunition.

      • Hence why I think it’ll be interesting, forgot about First Dates and Bride and Prejudice they’ll be interesting as well then as will they get the MAFS treatment now and get viewers in. Still think the tussle between the AFL and Ashes Tests will be interesting as it’s in primetime being from England, 7:30pm starts and first days of Thurs and Weds alternating. Of course for Nine it will be of interest what they do with those Tests vs the NRL which like the AFL will be heading into the last weeks before Finals, and how long before curiosity fades on Smith and Co., returning for the Ashes.

  4. When these shows audition for participants they are only looking for self confident people. Show offs or loud moths preferred. If you are the shy retiring type forget it

  5. > “Elsewhere for 10 were The Project (481,000 / 264,000), The Project (440,000)”

    Is that second one supposed to be Bachelor in Paradise, based on the ratings table?

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