Sunday Night: May 5

Sunday Night has two stories of extremism, one with a Russian couple taking daredevil selfies (do not attempt at home) and another on a backpacker kidnapping (ditto).

Highway to Hell
Elisha Greer came to Australia in search of sun and adventure. She was just 21 years old when she strapped on a backpack and swapped a bleak English winter for a paradise thousands of kilometres from home. But her great Aussie adventure quickly turned into an outback horror story. She was held hostage by drug crazed madman Marcus Martin. He forced her on a terrifying 1,600km road trip through rural Australia. Her story of survival is incredible. In this Sunday Night exclusive, host and senior correspondent Melissa Doyle returns to Far North Queensland with Elisha who opens up for the first time about what she endured on this highway to Hell.

Death by Selfie
It’s an obsession that has already cost hundreds of lives. In fact, more people have died in the last five years taking selfies than have been killed in shark attacks. In a world hooked on social media, people will do anything to impress their online followers. Russian couple Ivan Beerkus and Angela Nikolau are famous for taking the most dangerous selfies you’ve ever seen. They’ve climbed over 500 buildings for likes, shares and comments. But Ivan and Angela understand the risks. Most victims are so focused on their phones, they don’t realise the danger until it is too late. So why do people continue to risk their lives to get that “killer” shot? Sunday Night’s Angela Cox finds out.

8.30pm Sunday on Seven.


  1. Just the title makes me think 7 are promoting this risky behaviour by showcasing their stunts! Yes deaths have occured, but they are showcasing those that have survived and continue to take those risks….

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