The Late Show overtakes Tonight Show season for first time in 24 years

Stephen Colbert now rules ahead of Jimmy Fallon & Jimmy Kimmel.

Stephen Colbert has snatched the late night talk show crown for CBS.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has finished the September – May season on top in the all-important 18-49 demographic.

Not only is this the first time Colbert has topped The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon for a full season, but it marks the first time The Late Show has topped late-night numbers since the 1994-1995 season under David Letterman.

Colbert also won out in total viewers at 3.82 million viewers this season, compared to 2.44 million for The Tonight Show and 2.04 million for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Meanwhile in later slots, Late Night With Seth Meyers has 1.45 million viewers and The Late Late Show with James Corden has 1.35 million viewers.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs in Australia on 10.

Source: Variety

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  1. The show muat be doing okay here in Australia if it has been constantly airing on 10 for a while now (albeit a 12.30am start). Although there’s not much competition at that time. Any ideas of its ratings here by any chance (please)?

        1. Start times for it here jump all over the shop=as late as 2.00am, as early as 11.30pm-ironically, Corden is usually on an hour-hour and a half earlier on 11 most nights.

          1. If you don’t want to wait for it at that crazy hour of the night/morning all the good bits are on YouTube from 5pm every day

  2. Yeah none of the Tonight Shows are for me I’m of a different demographic to what they’re trying to appeal to, however good on Stephen Colbert for taking the lead. Last time I watched those on a regular basis was The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, hell I still do from time to time to be honest via YouTube, still hold up in my view.

    1. Yeah, I still miss Craig on late night (and his gay robot skeleton). It was such a joy to discover the show when Eleven started. I’ve tried with Corden but it didn’t take.

  3. “Colbert also won out in total viewers at 3.82 million viewers this season, compared to 2.44 million for The Tonight Show”.
    “May 1992 Johnny Carson averaged a whopping 19.453 million viewers”. (Wiki)
    Just saying.

      1. Yep and when you start looking at the On-Demand figures from the USA what some of the shows get is staggering.

        As in: parrotanalytics.com/?sumbit=SEARCH&s=demand

  4. I watched when he first took over….but…since Trump came into office…all he does send up the President in a ridiculous voice imitation….all of which I find quite annoying…..Not that I am into US politics…..it is just the same old, same old…all the time… ??

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