The Voice returns to 1.01m viewers

The Voice returned to 1.01m viewers last night enough to top the demos and defeat House Rules (790,000) and MasterChef Australia (630,000).

That was down slightly on 2018’s return of 1.07m viewers.

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders was fourth in its slot from 7:40pm at 455.000 viewers.

The Eurovision Song Contest drew 246,000 as a primetime replay for SBS and lifted channel share. In the morning it averaged 166,000 Live with 240,000 for the Winner Announced.

Nine won in primary channel share but Seven won Sunday with 29.9% then Nine 29.0%, 10 17.9%, ABC 14.9 and SBS 9.2%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.17m for Seven. Sunday Night drew 613,000, defeating its rival, then The Story of the Royals on 190,000.

Nine News was 1.06m for Nine. 60 Minutes was 575,000 and Suburban Gangsters was 309,000.

The Sunday Project pulled 419,000 / 277,000. 10 News First was 302,000 then Harry and Meghan Plus One on 162,000.

ABC News was best for ABC at 740,000. Harrow was 431,000 then Shetland (193,000) and Compass (191,000).

Elsewhere on SBS it was David Baddiel On the Silk Road (186,000) and SBS World News (150,000).

According to OzTAM’s preliminary data 10 Bold’s Cops: Adults Only was unusually high at 324,000 on multichannels, but 10 advises this will be adjusted as an A-League Grand Final overrun breaking down as 215,000 for the game and 162,000 for post-game.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 19 May 2019


  1. chivasssimo

    The biggest fallacy with The Voice All Stars is….you need to have actual stars to choose from. Anyway I’m hearing rumours that it’s do or die for The Voice this year.

  2. The Voice has made history for 8 consecutive seasons of an Australian singing show?
    It’s the 8th Season.
    Australian Idol lasted 7 seasons.
    XFactor also lasted 7 seasons. (8 including Ten’s 2005 season)

  3. What did the TCR get on SBS on Sat/Sun? It would be interesting as so may complain that V8Supercars are now on foxtel, when we finally get Motorsport on FTA if anyone actually watched it?

  4. The Voice was back in form last night .
    All stars is just an excuse to bring old ppl back thou as talent pool is running dry, prennie the chick from first season did not perform well at all , producers obviously in their ears to tell them to turn around ..

  5. A lot of conservatives probably watched it to see the look on Barrie Cassidy’s face as he tried to explain what the heck happened to the ALP on election night

    • oh did that last night too? was just going to comment on the fake drama on the Voice tonight lol. Same coaches as last year too, a bit meh really. Like all those shows they do about 2 mins of singing/dancing each & spend the rest of the time talking about it & the persons life story, yawn.

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