Big Brother house as paintball venue?

I can’t say I’m particularly enthused about this idea but the latest talk about the dilapidated Big Brother house on the Gold Coast is that it will become a paintball and laser tag venue. reports Australian Robert Kusch, his silent partner, and Chicago-based Tony Odinson, expect to make a deal soon with owners Queensland Investment Corporation for an “action-based venue for role-playing sports” such as laser tag, C-tag, aero tag, and paintball.

I hate to think what sort of money it would require to turn it into a working tourist site. I find it hard to believe it is commercially viable. But I guess laser tag is a better game to stage than turkey-slapping.

Footage of the house in disrepair went viral last month when it was uploaded to YouTube, now at over 1.15m views.

QIC said it was “currently considering a range of future options” for the site.


  1. Makes sense and wouldn’t take much to get it fit for purpose. Removing the mirrors makes the camera runs perfect for shooting participants in a literal sense.

  2. Along with all this discussion about Big Brother, this new reality tv social experiment “The Circle” that started last year in the UK in my own opinion was actually really good and very similar to older Big brother seasons. I’m not sure if anyone here is aware of what the show is, but the US is adapting the show this year, I’m wondering if you’re aware of this show David, and if so what your thoughts are on the likelihood of Australia having it’s own edition aired.

    • I’ve watched bits of the UK Circle and I think Netflix has the American show (as well as other versions) – I’d be up to watch it.

  3. One can only assume that means a revamp will never happen. If Ten did decide to do BB again l doubt it would be in Queensland anyway.

    • Hopefully they an restore the house to it’s full glory, though I would rather that QIC don’t have it sold to a company who are just using it for ‘fun and games’. Lots of history & events happened in that house, so whatever happens should remember that and bring it ‘back together’ for better uses, not for worst…

    • Why? Generally it’s cheaper to do that stuff out of Sydney and Melbourne if you can get the right crew. I know lots of people who purposely use ad agency in Queensland because they want the work desperately and rates are a fraction of the other capital cities.

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